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About Tekika

Tekika is your access onto our metaverse - an open world environment with the sole goal of revitalizing your creativity - collect, engage in economic ventures, participate in a group endeavours to build and explore, govern, and play on user-generated experiences.

Get your entry onto the metaverse by securing a Tekika.

Hey! Fusionitic and Granachny are two determined and passionate blockchain enthusiasts. We have proficiency in a multitude of design programs and the ability to work and collaboratively lead teams as well as being innovative, technical result driven leaders and have decided to use our expertise to construct the largest project on the Solana metaverse.

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Tekika Roadmap

  • .01 Launch Roadmap

  • We envision our project to be encompassed by the metaverse; we will have teasers of our experience ahead of our public sale. We aspire to deliver a pre-eminent launch from having marketplace listings and partnerships pre-announced, as well as, growing an organic and engaged community to deliver an unbeatable experience. We have and will adjust even the slightest of issues and do not take anything less than perfection for an answer.
  • .02 Foreseeable Future

  • Us, Tekikas, observe the long-term, we are deeply passionate about indulging ourselves in this diverse space. We excel at innovation and have many plans in mind to expand and grow our Tekika ecosystem from real-life congregations for our holders, to the disclosure of future Tekika collections. We want to build our ecosystem with you, and to have your best interests in mind therefore we will host community polls & votes to decide what we should be constructing next to develop our exciting ecosystem. We wish to create a social, ecological and global impact and build something extraordinary with everyone. Everyone has the right to evaluate how we should grow the Tekika project, hence we invite and encourage you to connect with us to voice your opinion. We look forward to seeing what happens in the future! Love from the team at Tekika!
  • 2022 Q1

  • Towards the middle of Q1, we plan to release strategical partnerships with distinguished personalities, who are a part of established, tier-one Esport organisations. We plan to announce our upcoming Action MMO Play-2-Earn game; at Tekika we believe the metaverse is the future and augmented and virtual reality experiences will expand as a result, hence having partnerships with prominent, world class organisations will allow our P2E interactive to gain recognition in the metaverse.

    Announcement of our short format anime series that will serve as an advertisement to promote our Tekika brand and our NFT collection.

    Collaborations with established, blue-chip Solana NFT projects to establish a positive sentiment revolving the Tekika brand.

    Listing and features on the biggest Solana NFT marketplaces.

    Disclosure of our rarity gallery for each individual asset as well as integrated onto our website.
  • 2022 Q2 - Q4 and onwards

  • Integration of our Tekika NFTs onto the upcoming Facebook Metaverse. This will be a huge monetisation push for our brand Tekika, allowing as many of our users as possible to be able to interact with their characters in a virtual reality environment.

    Release of the first public playtest of our P2E Action MMO experience.

    White label NFT gaming platform for Esport agencies and gaming personalities.

    Establishment of the Tekika DAO for future decisions, council members will be elected based on their community eminence and activity.

    Release of the Tekika token onto the Solana chain, with liquidity fuelled from the collection of Tekika NFT royalties. This will be airdropped to all holders.

    All royalties will be held in a community wallet controlled entirely by the Tekika DAO after liquidity for our token has been allocated.


30 Days Growth:
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