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$SYA is humanizing Crypto whilst empowering the creator economy.
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Token Details
Token Distribution

Instant Boost

$SYA holders automatically receive more $SYAs every time a trade is made (proportionally to the % held)

Community Boost

2% is reserved and accumulated for the $SYA holders and unlocked when the community achieves milestones. These rewards can be unlocked in the SYA Radar.

Charity Donation

We’re committed to using our voices to do good in the world. Hence, we will be donating 1% of all trades towards the 17 sustainable development goals set by the UN.

Instant Burn

2% will be burnt instantly, thus decreasing the total number of circulating $SYA supply whilst increasing the value of each $SYA respectively


Liquidity Pool

The fee is added to the liquidity pool by transforming it into BNB/ SYA LP tokens, which causes a permanently increasing price floor.


Marketing Wallet

1% gets distributed towards a marketing wallet which is used to grow the $SYA brand, host meme contests, AR games and more.
Additional Details

About SYA

$SYA is the BSC Token behind Flooz.Trade↗ - We are humanizing Crypto whilst empowering the creator economy.

$SYA tokenomics On each transaction, $SYA applies a 10% tax. This tax is used to distribute rewards to you automatically.

$SYA is the Token. Flooz the utility. With the $SYA Team has built a powerful layer on top of your favorite exchanges to enable trading coins at light speed.

Flooz.Trade is the 
Skyscanner of Crypto. It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy. Go to Flooz.Trade and connect your wallet to be able to purchase the $SYA Token (and many more... )Crypto in 2021 is cumbersome. It’s slow, unclear and not user friendly. We’re here to change that.
Introducing the $SYA Radar - our first attempt to humanize crypto. With the $SYA radar, you can track your bag, market cap and # of holders in real-time, see community boosts and all your trades.

No more switching between BSCScan, PanCakeSwap and CMC/ CoinGecko

We are unique. We are the creators. We are the future of work.

I have a strong conviction and believe that globalization in combination with the rise of social media and automation will dramatically change the future of work in the next decade to come. I believe that most 9-to-5s will become a commodity: undifferentiated, easily replicable, and lastly, ready to be fully automated.

9-to-5's flatten and dull the individuality of a human. At Flooz, we celebrate your individuality, uniqueness, and authenticity. We believe that the future of work is driven by you being simply and unapologetically you.

We're here to give you everything you need to do that.

What is Flooz?

We're building next-level Pro tools that empower you to focus on telling your stories and connecting with your fanbase, rather than managing your biz and tech infrastructure. The Flooz Pro tools are designed to give you the ability to pursue occupational-, physical-, and financial freedom. These three freedoms are our core guiding principles.

It's our mission to build the Pro tools to empower you to make a living doing what you love, thriving in the passion economy from even the most remote corner of our world.

Social media has been a great way to connect with humans. However, managing our ever-growing social channels has become a full-time job. There is this feeling of obligation to constantly share our work there, in addition to our personal lives.

At Flooz, we empower you to create your own corner on the interwebs in a matter of minutes. It's a place you can make purely yours, the portal to your digital world. It’s a place to freely be expressive on your own terms, who you are, what you offer, and how you connect with your community. From hosting live Zoom sessions, selling any digital file as a download, or offering to answer questions/converse with fans. Creators can offer these services free of charge or set a fee (“fixed price” or “pay what you can”).

Additionally, Flooz provides you with the web-, subscribers-, payments- insights & analytics you need to to understand and grow your solo biz. We're working on many new features/ frameworks that will enable you to connect to your audiences in new and innovative ways - comment below if you want me to dig deeper into Flooz.

So yeah, Flooz is a new beginning. We are one of a kind. We are the creators. We are the future of work. Join us and tell your story. Be kind and come as you are.

We envision a future where people from all over the world have access to the same opportunities and can join the ‘Passion Economy’ opening a door to financial opportunities that never existed before.

Globally, 30% of the adult population is without banking services (source) - that’s 1.7b humans that are without financial services and not able to participate in the global economy.

There are two parts to our solution: Flooz (utility) and $SYA (currency).

Flooz has already enabled many world-leading creators around the world to get paid to do what they love. Take DLC Anxiety as an example - the Worlds Largest Anxiety Support Community. The community uses the “ask me anything” feature on DLC Flooz Profile to receive answers on any anxiety symptoms, techniques or recovery questions.

We are proud to say that our payment infrastructure has been integrated with PayPal and Stripe. However, there are still some geographical regions, especially Africa, Latin America, Middle East and South-East Asia that remain untapped and thus millions of humans are excluded from offering services similar to DLC Anxiety in the passion economy.

Here is where $SYA comes into the picture. We’ve decided to create our own cryptocurrency, “$SYA (Save Your Assets)” to enable every human, including the 30% unbanked, to join the passion economy. It is becoming the underlying currency fueling the Passion Economy.

By seamlessly integrating $SYA into our Flooz ecosystem, we are creating an entirely new value exchange between creators and their communities. 

We don’t want to just be a player in this new economy, we are determined to build the backbone of this economy.

As a creator, you will be able to simply connect your $SYA wallet to Flooz, easily accept payments for the services (see above) you offer in $SYA. As a fan, you will be able to purchase and support your favorite creators using your $SYA.

This is just our starting point. We're ultimately heading towards a future, where creators can launch their own digital currencies and build their own economy.

We call it the "Human Stock Market".

An economy that allows fans to invest in the creators they believe in. Hear me out.
Imagine you’re scrolling through TikTok and you’ve just discovered someone with the most angelic voice. You think “WOW! They really could make it one day!” After heading to their profile you realize your new favorite creator doesn’t have access to the supplies they need to master their craft and be successful. You want to support them so you give them a “like” and maybe leave a really supportive comment, but unfortunately, that’s all you’re really limited to do… until now.


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