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Swapfolio is a one-stop, simple onboarding, easy-to-use portfolio management application that allows Uniswap traders to monitor thei r balances and track thei r trading activities. Our pr imary goal is to provide a platform that is easy enough to use for newcomers yet convenient & sufficient for exper ienced traders, utilising efficient UI design and optimised per formance.
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Apr 1, 2021
Apr 30, 2021
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About Swapfolio

At Swapfolio, we believe that the most noticeable impact takes place
when newcomers enter the market and decide to stay. Getting started in
the Decentralised Exchange (DEX) space can be overwhelming for
newcomers. Swapfolio aims to build both a product and a community
that encourage newcomers to stay, be it as traders or users of our
platform. By creating this envi ronment, we believe we can contr ibute to
the sustainability of the cur rent upward trend.

We plan to fulfil our vision of a healthy envi ronment by creating a
positive loop between milestone deliver ies, product releases, and pr ice
movement, with heavy involvement f rom the community. Community
support and suggestions are taken into account heavily and are
discussed daily in our meetings. We are not hesitant in executing
changes to our plan for the greater good of our community.
Our aim to grow and gain a following of prospective users are
supported heavily by our marketing campaigns to newcomers and
heavy community involvement to build trust and br idge the gap
between the core team and the members of our ecosystem.

Riding on the new DeFi wave, Uniswap has attracted a lot of volume in a
short amount of time. The mechanics of quick listing and secure, decentralised exchange seemed to gain popular ity over the recent
months. According to Dune Analytics, decentralized exchanges have been
enjoying a massive increase in the total trading volume in 2020. Uniswap
had over $5 billion in volume in the fi rst half of 2020 (January-June), which was an impressive 400% growth compared to the 2019’s numbers.
The growth in Uniswap trading volume entails that the Ethereum-based
DEX has overtaken some centralised competitors. To visualise this, at a
24-hour volume of $88.4 million, Uniswap has handled more trading
activity than Poloniex ($54.8 million) and Gemini ($26.7 million)
combined. Those familiar with this space understand that these
numbers show a very significant shift in trend and market preferences.
The increase in DEX trading volume comes amid the significant hype
sur rounding the decentralised finance (DeFI) market that appears to be
going parabolic soon. According to Defi Pulse, the total locked has hit a
new all-time high of &3.5 billion. With new projects like Swapfolio
gather ing massive community support, these numbers are not going to
stay there.


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