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Today's financial markets are often centralized. This means that they are in the hands of centralized financial institutions and governments. The power to manage and regulate the flow of money and the supply of currencies, stocks, bonds, debts, and rates is in the hands of several central banks and their associated countries. However, according to many people, in the future, DeFi or decentralized financial markets will greatly disrupt this focus and change the world's financial markets.
In fact, banks and financial institutions have almost complete control over money and its value and determine who can or cannot access financial services. This means that finances are not available to everyone, and those within the system are also forced to keep their money in banks. In 2001, for example, there was not enough money for the Argentine population and people could not get their money out of the bank. A similar phenomenon has happened in Hong Kong recently, and the list does not end there.
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About Swan Finance

The traditional financial world depends on institutions such as the bank (as an intermediary) and the court (as an arbitrator). DeFi applications, however, do not require any intermediaries or arbitration. It is the programming code that determines how potential disputes are resolved. Most importantly, users have complete control over their assets.
At DeFi Utopia, no one can confiscate your money, oversee your finances, or prevent you from doing business with someone else. Corruption and theft are also minimized, because everything is transparent to everyone.
In addition to eliminating intermediaries, using DeFi can reduce costs and create a harmless financial system. Although it is not so easy to remove banks and centralized organizations from the financial world, we seem to be at the beginning of a strong trend.
Thanks to Blockchain, one can hope for the development of decentralized finance. The data is stored on the blockchain and distributed to all people connected to the network. With this technology, the possibility of information change, censorship or system failure is almost eliminated.

Swan Finance is an ecosystem based on blockchain technology that transforms through a platform into a bridge between a traditional centralized financial system and a decentralized system. It provides an ecosystem based on the new Blockchain technology, in which the ecosystem combines two systems. This ecosystem provides a platform with an easy-to-use interface for things like dividends on equity, peer loans and more. Its users store their assets on the Swan Platform platform to benefit from an attractive APY. In addition, users can use their encrypted assets as collateral and lend to others to use when using platforms. Get more profit from the software in the ecosystem. The ecosystem designed by Swan Finance has other interesting features such as full exchange and high-margin trading, an investment in which users can enjoy features similar to traditional systems, a wallet that provides a safe place to store assets. Provides integration with an AI-based operating system and payment feature that allows users to use their encrypted assets to pay for various services or other items. Their ecosystem is very complete and makes it easy for users without the need to use a different platform.

Swan Finance Roadmap

  • November 2018

  • Swan Finance is incorporated.
  • March 2019

  • Swan Ecosystem is mapped out.
  • December 2020

  • SWAN tokens become available to purchase and stake to earn interest.
  • March 2021

  • Internal exchange becomes available on the Swan Finance platform.
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  • March 2021

  • SWAN tokens become available to trade on BinanceDEX.
  • March 2021

  • Swan Finance become available as iOS and Android apps.
  • April 2021

  • SWAN tokens become available on more crypto exchanges.
  • June 2021

  • SwanCredit is launched.
  • October 2021

  • Swan Exchange is launched.
  • March 2022

  • SwanWallet is launched.
  • May 2022

  • SwanTrade is launched.
  • November 2022

  • SwanPay is launched.


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Swan Finance Team

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John Ro
CEO and Founder
Tony Fan
Director of Asia Pacific
Yusuke Ochi
Risk & Compliance Officer and Financial Analyst
Ann Siciova
Community Development
Chaeho Lim
Cybersecurity Expert
Harly Zappino
Legal Counsel


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Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Paul Goncharoff
Corporate Advisor
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