Super Kids

Super Kids

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
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Super Kids!
> The world’s kids Medi-playment
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About Super Kids

SuperKids is the blockchain project, helping the growth of 1.97 billion kids by providing sensory playing of seeing, hearing, and touching based on physical growth and fitness measurement data.

Through the project, mothers or guardians understand the physical and emotional stages of their kids’ development. Related companies and institutions make create indicators for kids and scalable their businesses by using Big Data.

For the collection and analysis of data, we developed Medical Box, SuperKids SmartBand, Theme Room, Kids Total Data Platform, Blockchain Kids Token(KIDS), and Character Bank.

Super Kids Roadmap

  • 4Q 2020

  • SuperKids Start
    Draft a contract with Dr.Balance
  • 1Q 2021

  • Designed SuperKids Service
  • 2Q 2021

  • SuperKids iOS, AOS Launching
    KIDS Token listing on Korea Ex
  • 3Q 2021

  • Launching 1st Global Theme-Park
    Launching 12th Theme-Parks
    Character Bank Launching
  • Read More
  • 4Q 2021

  • SuperKids Band Launching
    KIDS Token listing on Global Ex
    Launching 13th Theme-Parks
    Launching 1st Retail Store
  • 2022+

  • Launching 3rd Global Theme-Park
    Launching 2nd Global Retail Store
    Launching 20th Theme-Parks
    Launching 5th Retail Store
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