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Sun Fund is a solar energy company with an expanding portfolio of useful, commercial and community solar projects. Each project has social consequences: clean air, displaced fossil fuels and financial savings.
It is a vertically integrated solar energy supplier based in the United States. All aspects of solar projects are carried out on their own, saving money throughout the project cycle. Our projects are characterized by solid assets and long-term contracts.
Nov 17, 2017
Jan 1, 2019
100% completed
$36 000
hard cap
3% goal completed
Goal 1 000 000.00 USD
Cap 10 000.00 USD
Hard cap 1 070 000.00 USD
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About Sun Fund


Bitcoin Mining: Sun Fund’s cryptocurrency mining operations take place on industrial properties controlled by Sun Fund and are powered by our solar projects. In this way, Sun Fund keeps costs low which allows us to generate higher profits in this exciting market. We are also building a sustainable cryptocurrency mining operation which helps to protect the environment.

Cryptocurrency Development: Sun Fund is developing a cryptocurrency, The Sunny. Each Sunny coin will be a store of value and tradeable on exchanges. Coin owners will be able to use the Sunny for virtual cryptocurrency mining by exchanging the Sunny for mining contracts at one of our solar-powered cryptocurrency mining farms.  The value of a mining contract is based on the cost of: mining equipment, electricity, lease and management for a specific period of time. Ultimately, the Sunny will also become a world-wide standard store of value usable for renewable energy consumption and investment.

Dividend-yielding solar projects: The Sun Fund team has a profitable, proven solar investment model, having developed $70 Million of profitable solar projects since 2014 (when we entered the sector). We are also contributing $100 million of projects ready to build upon receipt of investment which can be deployed immediately and generate stable annual dividends for you.

Profitable Projects: The Sun Fund team selects renewable energy projects that are in the most profitable business [energy] segments and geographies. Our project selection process involves exacting financial analysis and due diligence.

Long-Term Revenue: The majority of Sun Fund’s customers (buyers of electricity) are “investment-grade”, meaning their credit is good, so our revenue and profits are stable and low-risk. Our solar revenue is locked in by long-term contracts which make our business model predictable and low-risk.





1 investment gives you 2 securities of equal value (2-for-1):

Sun Fund Cryptocurrency: Asset-backed, blockchain coin bonus

Sun Fund Stock: Preferred equity shares which pay an annual cash dividend

Example: A $100 investment gives you $100 in preferred equity shares (worth $100) and an additional $100 in cryptocurrency tokens. The total face value of the two added is $200.

Example: $100 investment = (10 (x $10) Preferred Equity Shares) + $100 in cryptocurrency tokens = $200 value

Technical Info


The first phase of Sun Fund’s blockchain technology will be the development of a proprietary smart-contract based blockchain token to be utilized internally by the company. The second phase will roll out an open-system utility and store-of-value functions of "The Sunny", our planned cryptocurrency. The Sunny will cost-effectively manage contracts among parties involved in renewable energy power generation, transmission and asset management, as well as provide a fintech disintermediation play for developing and investing in global renewable energy assets. The Sunny will also mature as a store of value over time.

The first stage of The Sunny’s development will occur in a real-world, closed-system integrated with a proprietary hardware/software solution at the inverter (that’s the equipment which measures the production of a renewable energy asset), thanks to Sun Fund’s partnerships with leading solar equipment manufacturers. Sun Fund has developed over $70 million of solar projects in the US, so we understand our market. Developing The Sunny initially in our closed environment allows the human, hardware, electrical, contractual and token behavior to be tested and debugged in the real world.

Smart contracts can assume both automated and human tasks ranging from billing to maintenance calls. Invoicing is one obvious, low-hanging fruit for adoption: sensors measure how much electricity is produced by a solar project and then automatically transmits the data to our permissioned database, which then generates an invoice based on smart-contract information encoded in the blockchain. Another ready application will be the processing of solar array maintenance functions: failed panels will be automatically reported to a designated electrician to service that panel. Much of our solar asset operations and maintenance can be executed without human involvement. This technology will allow Sun Fund to expand its solar asset portfolio while keeping operating costs down. This first testing and implementation phase will translate, mirror, then displace as much human capital from our solar asset management business as possible. This will allow Sun Fund to grow a highly profitable solar asset portfolio consisting of many small projects.

Adoption of our blockchain technology will improve operational efficiency and lower costs. This is especially desirable for investors looking to generate superior profits from a portfolio of smaller renewable energy projects - in the form of, for example, one-hundred 100 kilowatt projects. Large solar projects have proportionately lower administration and maintenance costs, but they have been generally less profitable than smaller commercial and industrial projects. Blockchain technology will allow Sun Fund to scale our solar portfolio in a low-cost manner - and that means overall higher project IRR’s (internal rate of return) for our growing portfolio of profitable small-scale projects.

In today’s energy environment, where utilities and customers neither like nor trust one another, the trustless platform of Sun Fund’s proprietary, integrated blockchain-plus-hardware approach, based on "The Sunny" (our token), will thoughtfully and efficiently evolve into a global solution for investors, owners and users of renewable energy assets.

The second phase of The Sunny’s roll-out will carry forward the lessons from our closed-system, service-oriented development of the token while exercising the fintech disintermediation play of The Sunny, as well as showcase its value proposition as an asset-backed cryptocurrency. Ultimately, Sun Fund and the Sunny will drive and lead fintech disintermediation in our sector.

Holders of The Sunny will be able to use the currency to invest globally in renewable energy projects and receive an investment return (preferred dividends) cost-efficiently. Buyers of electricity will also be able to transact with the Sunny. Using cryptocurrency instead of traditional payment systems means lower costs for all parties involved - specifically lower transaction costs.

The Sunny will also become a liquid, asset-backed token, backed by Sun Fund’s renewable-energy powered, algorithmically-traded Bitcoin and alt-coin mining operations.  Coins mined by our operations will fund our "virtual central bank" which will contain a basket of crypto and fiat currencies. 


Sun Fund Team

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Michael Licamele
President & Director
Scott Licamele
Senior Vice President
Ron Little
Project Manager
Raffaella Morgan
Processing Manager
Jose Morales
Solar Engineering Designer
Brittany Beauchemin
Digital Marketing Manager
Lucia Morel
Accounting Manager
Alfred Coney
Master Electrician

Sun Fund Interviews

Scott Licamele
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the project? What do you think about idea? Thank you!)
I'm Senior VP of Sun Fund. Sun Fund is a vertically-integrated renewable energy company that develops and owns profitable solar projects. Our projects generate predictable, long-term cash flows for investors. We target an annual 6% cash dividend.

All investors participating in this StartEngine offer receive dividend-paying equity shares AND our cryptocurrency of equal dollar value. We will give these coins as an added, 100% free bonus to you when you invest.

Our cryptocurrency, The “Sunny”, will be backed by liquid cryptocurrencies we mine, such as Bitcoin, and revenue from Sun Fund solar assets. This asset-backed token is poised to become established as a globally traded cryptocurrency, with buyers and sellers of electricity using The Sunny to trade and invest in renewable energy projects around the world.

We think blockchain technology will play a critical role in the global development of the renewable energy sector.

Sun Fund has $100 million dollars of profitable solar projects contracted and ready-to-build with your investment.
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Sun Fund Reviews

Is Sun Fund a good investment for you? Yes, it can be a good investment, you just have to think about some points before you actually invest in Sunfund and you will be fine. In the first place, this company is very interesting for people who are interested in solar energy and renewable energies in general, so if you are, it can be a great idea to invest in Sunfund.

The major problem with the company is that the ICO is still lacking some information, so we cannot talk about the price of the tokens at the moment. This is a negative point, but it does not mean that this is not a good investment for you, as in fact, it can surely be.

If you are interested in Sunfund, be sure to invest and you will probably not regret this decision because there is a great chance that Sunfund will give you a great return on investment if you decide to give it a chance.

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