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Jul 21, 2018

Stream 41 ICO Distributed peer-to-peer live media streaming platform developed in ethereum block chain. Mission: Provide new means to monetize live content and direct the landscape of the media to a new direction.
May 22, 2018
Oct 22, 2018
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About Stream41

Stream41 is being developed and executed, by a team of passionate and experienced innovators, professional blockchain engineers, software developers, product designers, and business development professionals.

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Stream41 is a media-streaming platform, where users are rewarded for sharing and watching high-quality videos.

Here are some of our key features highlights and functionalities;

  • Decentralized: Built entirely on the blockchain.
  • Empowering Creators: Capture live streams, upload videos, and share them seamlessly with your friends.
  • User Experience: Join live streams, watch videos, and follow creators.
  • Interactive: Rich experience where users can communicate seamlessly and creators can interact with their and follow their fans.
  • Personalization: Tailored content feeds based on creators they and content categories they follow
  • Premium Content: Accessible to Stream41 users, with STRM41 tokens.


Technical Info

1. Demonetization/Unfair ad revenue sharing, for content producers.
2. Frequent annoying targeted advertisements and ad fraud.
3. Expensive and limited access to content delivery.
4. Privacy, security, and intrusive data practices.
5. Non-neutral internet controlled by gatekeepers.
6. Traditional content is not interactive and personalized.

1. Content creators gain a direct monetization tool.
2. ‘Ad-free’ user experience
3. An economically viable solution, for viewers, content producers and broadcasters.
4. A secure, transparent, and scalable platform that does not track user behavior.
5. A decentralized network that democratizes content viewership.
6. To create a live streaming experience that is engaging and user-centric.



  • START. Before, we started working on peer-to-peer video streaming platform-Stream41, we were working on a peer-to-peer file sharing platform from August till October of 2017.
  • OCTOBER 2017

  • FOUNDED. Stream41 was founded in October 2017. Product conceptualization and prototyping began.
  • DECEMBER 2017

  • INITIAL PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT. Product visioning and conceptualization and initial software infrastructure set-ups were completed by December 2017. Software engineering and development for the website and for the initial product began since then.
  • MARCH 2018

  • WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT. By March 2018, website development was completed.
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  • May 2018

  • PUBLIC TOKEN SALE-(ICO). From mid May 2018 onwards, our Public Token sale or ICO round will begin. 
Our ICO round will run for 5 months, from May till October. During this period, token sale will be available to investors, advisors, community contributors, and other stakeholders. During this time period, we will also be, constantly working, on our platform. We will be having a demo completed by end May-early June, for our initial investors and team members.
  • JULY 2018

  • ALPHA and TEAM EXPANSION-I. In the month of June, and July, we will be putting all required efforts and initiatives on a launching our initial or alpha product. Our goal is to have a user-friendly prototype or an alpha version by then.
  • AUGUST 2018

  • STREAM41 (VERSION 1.0) and User Acquisition. On August 2018, we will launch our first version of the product. The platform will be available for access to initial users and community contributors. During this time period, we will also focus heavily on digital marketing, user acquisition and customer growth.
  • SEPTEMBER 2018

  • VERSION 2.0 AND TEAM EXPANSION-II. After our alpha launch, we will begin working by expanding and growing our product by working on our next version, Version 2.0. Stream41-Version 2.0 will be catered towards a larger audience than our earlier version. It will cover large-scale consumers and users. During this period, we will also start recruiting top talents from Silicon Valley and from all over the country, across all fields: Software Development, Project Management, and Business Development and Marketing.
  • DECEMBER 2018

  • STREAM41 FOR IOS AND ANDROID. Around December 2018, we will launch our product for the iOS and Android mobile platforms.
  • FEBRUARY 2019

  • STREAM41 User Acquisition. From February 2019 onwards, we will focus a lot more on growing and expanding our user and customer base. During this period we will track previous user metrics, records and statistics and plan on taking next steps and actions on how to grow and retain our existing user and customer base even more.
  • MAY 2019

  • STREAM41-LTE. We will begin working on developing and executing a lighter version of our platform with some critical features and functionalities from our main product to be used solely on mobile devices. We are planning on launching the Lite version around May 2019.
  • DECEMBER 2019

  • STREAM41-E. We will begin working on developing and executing a version of our product catered solely towards the Entertainment and Gaming industry. Our goal and aim is to develop a personalized platform catered towards the Entertainment and Gaming audience. We will focus working on it, since mid May of 2019 onwards, and we plan on launching it, at the end of the year.
  • JANUARY 2020

  • STREAM41-E. Beginning of 2020, we will begin, working on acquiring users and customers, and developing and strengthening our base for Stream41E. We will be making strategic partnerships and we will be launching Stream41-E, that by the end of 2020.
  • DECEMBER 2020

  • STREAM41-X. Just like Stream41-E, we will be working on developing a version of our product catered solely towards the adult industry. With blockchain technology, adult live-content sharing can be securely shared between both parties. The adult industry has always been in the spotlight when it comes to technological innovation. We believe that the adult industry is over a $100 billion market and with blockchain innovation significant impact can be created in this space. We are planning on launching Stream41-X by the end of 2020.


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Founder and Director
VP of Engineering
VP of Operations
Senior Software Engineer
User Experience / MarComm
Digital Marketing Content Editor
Sr. Full Stack Software Engineer
Full Stack Software Engineer


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Andy Chaudhuri
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
I am the Founder at Stream41

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