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Storecoin is a zero-fee, p2p cloud computing platform. We're enabling data to be tokenized, open, and tradable. We're enabling data to be programmable money (datacoins). The public blockchain will be coordinated by a governance of checks and balances.
Milestone sale
Apr 17, 2019
Jun 30, 2019
100% completed
$3 332 667
41% goal completed
Goal 7 950 000.00 USD
Token Details
Total supply
1 Billion STORE; 225.43 Million are circulating today
Token Distribution
Sold in up to six milestone-based token sales, Governance can modify the Treasury Plan/Use. 34%

Allocated to the non-profit for incentivizing growth of the $STORE ecosystem, dWorker adoprion, team, and more - emits in the 100 years 46%

Locked up in a long-term emission schedule giving the non-profit access to genesis block Treasury to grow $STORE adoption - emits over 1000 years 10%

Founding inflationary block rewards to pay for Storecoin security, governance, distribution, and more. Once the funds ends, up to 20MM new $STORE will be added to the total authorized supply each year. 10%
Accepted Currencies
Company Details
Registered Country
United States
Company Founded
May 1, 2017
Bonus Structure
There are three sale phases: $0.129, $0.149, and $0.169. Each sale phase will be offered on a first-registered and first-funded basis. Once a phase is fully registered and funded, the next phase will open up and be offered to the next registered buyer.
Additional Details
Native blockchain and native token with its own wallet
Yes ,

About Storecoin

Storecoin is a zero-fee, p2p cloud computing platform that will transform data into programmable money. This is an entirely different approach of smart contract/dApp platforms like Ethereum that enable new money to be printed without any backing. With Storecon, layer 2 currency is backed by data -- the oil of the 21st century and beyond.


Storecoin is a zero-fee, p2p cloud computing platform that will transform data into programmable money (into datacoins). Storecoin shifts the economic paradigm of data away from being controlled by centralized technology-data monopolies towards decentralization, openness, and monetization for miners, developers, and users. We believe that every meaningful piece of data can be structured, categorized, and tokenized for easy discoverability and trading. Data can be represented by a private key and transformed into a cryptocurrency. By 2025, it’s estimated the world will emit 175 Zettabytes of data -- 5x more than today and expected to grow by a factor of 50. Most of this data is currently unusable, and the data that can be used is owned and controlled by centralized companies. A free and open market economy across all industries, governments, IoT devices, and more can exist for this data to be structured, tokenized, and available for global trading. The Storecoin blockchain and the STORE token will secure this new economy.

Storecoin Roadmap

  • NOVEMBER 2018

  • We announce that we’re working on a layer 2, tokenized application platform
    We attend Coindesk’s Consensus: Invest conference. At the VIP party, the feedback for our Platform design is very positive
    We now speak Japanese!
    We now speak Chinese!
    We now speak Korean!
    We now speak Russian!
    Our sponsorship to request public peer review for our Governance of decentralized checks and balances goes live on Token Daily
    For the first time in 10+ months, we message our Wallet owners
    Research on the Storecoin layer 2 Platform takes the next step
    Creator Chris McCoy shares The Storecoin Story with 1,200+ high school entrepreneurship students in Washington State
    The project welcomes its first Community members accepted through Storecoin’s Proof of Community application
    First draft of Connect is released for internal peer review. Connect Architecture is like Facebook Platform but for zero-fee $STORE-powered payments in the public internet. It’s the bridge for apps to gain secure permissions to bring $STORE into their environment as programmable, zero-fee payments and zero-fee incentivized API calls.
  • OCTOBER 2018

  • Storecoin releases its Governance spec for public peer review
    First version of the Storecoin Wallet released
    The Storecoin Team grows to 25+. Our latest team member is Charles Belle, our Director of Compliance who is working on global banking relationships, MTLs in the U.S. and more - Read the announcement
    Our BlockFin consensus algorithm evolves. The technical whitepaper gets closer to public release progress
    First draft of the Secure Currency Transfer Protocol (SCTP) is released for internal peer review. SCTP may serve as an external interface for DyPoS to connect Storecoin’s zero-fee payments architecture with the public internet
    First draft of WebC - a zero-fee, $STORE-enhanced public internet is released the early spec
    Storecoin begins sharing research around its monetary policy and its path to becoming sound money
    Storecoin's economics research uncovers how Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Work will lead public blockchains in efficiency as costs decrease for storage, bandwidth, and CPU resources
    Storecoin releases Proof of Knowledge to identify Community members well-versed in the project and qualified to take on operational and leadership roles
    Storecoin announces its first GovCon to be held in San Francisco in May 2019
  • SEPTEMBER 2018

  • Storecoin presents its project research and technology in San Francisco , Tweet
    Research to minimize protocol threats evolves
    Product development begins as staking research progresses
    Storecoin completes its next iteration of BlockFin research focusing on Byzantine fault tolerance
    Storecoin Creator Chris McCoy gives a presentation to a group of 50+ investors
    Governance research shows how approved changes are reviewed and deployed to dWorker nodes without manual intervention
    Storecoin releases the story of its creation - Read
    Early designs for ecosystem tools to bring zero-fee $STORE into the application layer and eventually the cash register are released
    Early designs showing how $STORE owner will stake their tokens to secure the p2p blockchain are released
    Storecoin’s CTO Rag Bhagavatha shares the project at the Crypto Finance Conference in Half Moon Bay CA
    Research on DyPoS and security evolves. The project will use the Bezier curve for its configurability.
    BlockFin goes into internal peer review. The latest research is constructed based on smaller building blocks, which have been validated with the prior work done in academia
  • AUGUST 2018

  • Creator Chris McCoy explains the benefits of Storecoin's DyPoS protocol during a panel discussion on scalability at Bitcoin Magazine's Distributed 2018 Conference
    Storecoin presents "Can Decentralization and High-Throughput Co-exist?" at the Futurist Conference in Toronto
    Venture Capitalist Matthew Ocko joins Storecoin Team as investor, advisor
    The first design iteration for the API-layer of WebC -- the internet powered by zero-fee, p2p, $STORE payments -- is finished.
    Our BlockFin consensus algorithm begins the next phase of engineering and development
    Storecoin releases the next version of its research - Read the Visual Whitepaper
    The Alphabit Fund joins Storecoin as an investor and strategic partner
    Storecoin’s Telegram organically grows to 1,900+ and the  
     tee-shirt begins to spread around the world - Join
    Launched the Telegram Supergroup for discussion on Storecoin's Governance
    Launched a Twitter account for discussion on Storecoin's Governance
    Storecoin finalizes its long-form project description
  • Read More
  • JUNE 2018

  • Storecoin grows its team of full-time contractors, consultants, and advisors to 25
    Testing on BlockFin, Storecoin’s consensus engine, grows to 220 validator nodes and 40 message nodes Github Repo, Photo
      tee-shirts begin reaching Community members around the world
    Storecoin’s economic research pushes yearly inflation to 2% maximum and pegs it to the percentage of staking and store-of-value on the blockchain
    Storecoin finalizes its economic thesis on how protocols grow in value over the long-term
    Creator Chris McCoy joins the Scalability panel at CPC’s Crypto DevCon in Mountain View
    Tech media legend Tony Perkins interviews Storecoin Creator Chris McCoy on blockchain, tokenizing data and Storecoin's unique system of using dynamic inflation to fund zero-fee transactions for users of the network
    Research begins on solving chargebacks and fraud in payments with a new type of decentralized worker -- the sAgent
    Creator Chris McCoy takes Storecoin to Singapore, presenting our technology and economics at Coin Agenda: Asia
    Blockview — SQL for Blockchains — is the first ecosystem project to begin engineering and development
  • MAY 2018

  • Storecoin begins testing a version of BlockFin peer-to-peer (p2p) core built using "feeds" and "follow" model of data replication.
    Research on security and economics evolves, focusing the project on incentivizing high values of Store-of-Value to achieve decentralization and on-chain security.
    Proof-of-Community, the way for Storecoin followers to become official Community members, is launched. Members from 12 different countries instantly request to host STORE meet-ups
    The STORE Manager, Storecoin’s tool for dWorkers to manage their staking on the blockchain, goes into development
    Storecoin’s Telegram channel organically grows to 300 members More
    The Storecoin Engineering Team launches its Twitter account , begins sharing weekly
    Storecoin launches its Facebook Page - Like
    Storecoin launches its Linkedin Page
    Storecoin makes its Github and development of BlockFin partially public - Star
    Cryptowire — a Storecoin Ecosystem project — begins publishing weekly updates on the cryptocurrency space on a new website
    Storecoin pioneers the concept of Fork Tolerance for consensus algorithms


30 Days Growth:

Storecoin Team

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Chris McCoy
Rag Bhagavatha
Antone Johnson
General Counsel


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Ari Paul
James Staten
Matt Ocko
Michael Terpin
Simon Yu
Stephen McKeon
Josh Lawyer
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