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The Startar Bronze will eventually become an exchangeable e-crypto on all major platforms known to date and will participate in improving the lives of everyone, of those who wish to use it on a daily basis and invest in this crypto. The STRB is the currency of the people.
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About Startarcoins

The Startar Bronze was nt principally owned by Groupe Business Thérapie, a legally registered company, will also make it possible to purchase NFTs on websites related to our brand, which will be updated on this whitepaper periodically. Ultimately, the creation of a bank card backed by the Startar Bronze and recognized by all the major players will be one of the objectives to be achieved with our cryptocurrency.

 The Startar Bronze (STRB) token is a BEP20 type cryptocurrency, derived from the startar (STRR). Our motto is to give the financial freedom to the people. our Startar Bronze (STRB) crypto is backed by the activities of the Groupe Business Therapie which is an international company specializing in music, online clothing sales, film (movie) production and banking expertise. The Startar Bronze will be linked to an online exchange store, nft, a bank card to be used in daily payments.


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