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"Starnodes was created to provide our investors with consistent passive income over long periods of time, we have taken the best ideas and tokenomics from every protocol and have combined it into one of the world's most powerful node protocols. Our main goal is sustainability over a long period of time, protocols such a strong have stood the test of time and we aim to be one of the top node protocols for years to come.
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About Starnodes

We were originally inspired by thor nodes, after seeing all their ups and downs over the past few months, we decided to get together and create a protocol that can not only pay high rewards to investors but also has a strong focus on longevity.Our team is made up of 4 professionals who have plenty of experience from all walks of life, this includes web development, cyber security and economics. We came together and decided that we can create one of the top node protocols on the market. We have great ambitions to become a house hold name in the node space and are working every day to achieve this success.

We have decided to start our node protocol with a very simple structure. It costs 10 $STRZ to make a node. At the start of protocol we will offer very high yields in the 10-15% range, this is to draw attention but also reward early investors who are willing to take the risk of getting in early on a new protocol. As time goes on and as we see fit we will be reducing rewards to get to a sustainable point."


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