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STARKADE is a vibrant universe, spanning the digital and physical.

You’re about to meet a cast of unique and powerful characters. Characters that you’ll grow to love, or learn to fear.

Very soon, we’ll introduce you to the STARKADE Legion - a horde of fighters constantly in training to earn their place in the ultimate championship.

We’re making these fighters available to the NFT community. That’s 7000 unique characters, with their own clothing, equipment, accessories, headgear and facial features. These avatars will be stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

But that’s not the end of the tale.

We’re also busy perfecting the artwork and gameplay for an exciting new table-top card game, which you’ll be able to enjoy with friends and family. We’re aiming to get it in your hands late-2022.

The story of STARKADE is just emerging - and even we can’t predict what’s in store…


  • 1987

  • The adventure begins in the neon ‘80s, in a small community in Nova Scotia, Canada. An 8 year old James White started sketching out “wrestlers” with his best friend Mike – rolling a dice to make them fight, and keeping score. Over the years, James and Mike would revive their characters, and continue the battle.
  • 2010

  • Flash forward more than 20 years. James is a professional illustrator, working with some of the most colourful companies in the galaxy - from Hasbro to Ubisoft, Nike and Metallica. But - on quiet nights - he’d tweak and improve those characters from his past.
  • 2016

  • There was a world waiting to be born - but what would it look like?

    James and his fiancé Naomi – a brand and UI designer – would talk late into the night about the possibilities, from art shows to immersive installations and print collectables. And - bit by bit - they started laying the foundations of a card game that brought all these characters together.
  • 2016 - 2020

  • Maths is hard. After months of floundering, a Lone Figure emerged from the darkness. Gaming and QA expert Lucas Gardiner - a friend of James and Naomi - wrestled the tangled galaxy of post-it notes into a table-top experience that was bold, chaotic and FUN.

    It’s coming soon...and we know you’re going to love it.
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  • 2020

  • Slowly, the puzzle started to fit together. James’ friend Brendan Dawes tipped him off about the emerging popularity of NFTs, and how his characters would be a perfect fit. He dove in head first, creating over 100 Signalnoise NFTs over the next 12 months. Inspired by a community that prized art and respected creators, Naomi and James prepared to introduce their vibrant characters to the world.
  • DEC 1ST ’21

  • We reveal more about our wider plans, and the world of STARKADE. People have already begun finding their way to our Discord – where we’re building a warm and friendly (PG-13) community.

    With new ‘breaking news’, sneak peeks, and storytelling – we’d love to welcome you there, as we steadily build out, and share more of the world of STARKADE.
  • FEB 1ST ’22

  • This is your chance to secure one of 7,000 Legion Fighters - and support the future of STARKADE.
  • APR-JUN ‘22

  • Combat begins. Supercharge your fighters with power-ups, and join the battle.

    Climb the leaderboard to win prizes, and catch the eye of the Magna Prime to secure your place in the Live STARKADE Tournament.
  • APR-DEC ‘22

  • We’re currently testing the final prototype of the STARKADE tabletop game, an immersive battle game you can play with friends and family. Your support of the Legion drop will help us bring the game to life, and we expect manufacture and distribution to happen before the end of the year.
  • JUN-DEC ‘22

  • Lights. Camera. Chaos. Our greatest Legion fighters will be welcomed into the infamous STARKADE arena, to battle for the future of the universe in a live-event show that’s out of this realm.

  • The first battle may be over. But the struggle still endures.

    We want to build a universe in which physical and digital gaming, NFTs, and story combine.

    There are so many ways we could bring these characters to life. And by supporting STARKADE, you can help it all grow.

    Together, we will build a universe.


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