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Star Sharks

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StarSharks Introduction

What is Starsharks? StarSharks is a Shark-themed metaverse defined and shared by the
community with sustainable economy system

Our Mission: to explore the infinite possibilities of NFT as creativity infrastructure; to subvert
existing content and value sharing models with community co-creation and sharing so that
creativity and value thrive on communities once again.

Our Goal: To start with quality in-house developed games and fuel their growth with lego-like
modular component technologies to be made progressively accessible for the purpose of
exploring infinite application scenarios of NFTs with the community, players and developers
together in a spirit of co-creation and sharing; to create a metaverse underpinned by
universally recognized NFT assets, each of unique value, for players to have fun to their heart’s
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Nov 5, 2021
Nov 30, 2021
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$300 000
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Goal 300 000.00 USD
Cap 2 050 000.00 USD
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Technical Info

Key elements of StarSharks:

 ● NFT assets and application scenarios jointly defined by the community

○ Expansions of Shark genes to diversify the appearance of NFTs.

○ Multiple quality in-house games developed on the basis of NFTs and the token
system, combined with SDKs to be progressively made accessible to external
developers, drive the creation of unlimited application scenarios for NFTs on the


● Strategic roadmap of the StarSharks platform

○ Early on, the platform will develop five quality in-house games and gradually
unlock a variety of NFT application scenarios such as PvP, breeding simulation,
racing and card for the purpose of initially building the platform ecosystem;

○ Subsequently, new game modules and gameplay will be unlocked through
community voting;

○ Concurrently, we will bring in external developers and give them access to SDKs
to create more application scenarios.


● The underlying economy is powered by a sustainable dual-token economy system:

○ SSS: The governance token that authorizes stakeholders the rights to share the
value of the StarSharks metaverse IP via DAO and the rights to define the future
of the StarSharks metaverse

○ SEA: The game token for players to enjoy and build their own metaverse


Star Sharks Roadmap

  • Project Development Roadmap

  • ● November, 2021: The StarSharks official website is launched in the state. Simultaneously,
    the Binance Blind Box - NFT presale will begin; ICO and community building rewards will
    be launched via airdrop. Release of the first PVP/PVE battle game with NFT sharks at its
    core. Start up the NFT marketplace rental and referral system. Early VC Sale (Binance)

    ● December, 2021: Establish an official support fund to support the construction of gold
    trading unions in Southeast Asia, Africa, and other regions.

    ● March, 2022: Initiate PvP system and get the PvP season started

    ● June, 2020: Launch of the second shark development game accompanied by the shark
    breeding system.

    ● September, 2022: The third game with themed “land construction” is launched. This
    allows players to purchase resources and build on their lands.

    ● December, 2022:The fourth game with a parkour racing theme is launched. This allows
    players who have sharks to participate in racing competitions.

    ● March, 2023: The fifth card game is launched, allowing players to participate in the game
    by staking governance tokens or NFT cards produced by home and racing games


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