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About SquidDogs

SquidDogs is a DeFi gaming studio with a mission to produce high-quality playto-earn games. Unlike many players in the GameFi space, SquidDogs’ focus is on delivering value-driven products that build a lasting and engaged community.

Why SquidDogs?
In August of 2021, the popular P2E platform Axie Infinity demonstrated the economic viability of GameFi by generating over 120,500 Ether in revenue. In hopes of taking advantage of this emerging trend, the market became flooded with new P2E games. While some of these games were able to generate impressive gains for early investors, most were designed to capitalize on hype with no intention of building value-driven P2E products. This is where SquidDogs is different. SquidDogs is dedicated to delivering quality blockchain-backed games that follow a Fun First philosophy.

The studio has also positioned itself as a SaaS provider by giving other DeFi organizations access to its game design and development resources for a price. Not only do these strategic partnerships provide the studio with an alternative revenue stream, but they help increase the reach of the SquidDogs platform by tapping into already assembled DeFi communities. At the time of writing, SquidDogs has one game in post-development and several other ongoing projects in development.

$SQDDOGS is the native token of the SquidDogs Studio ecosystem. The ERC-20 token will serve as the in-game currency for all SquidDogs products and provide holders with exclusive benefits. In the future, the studio plans to give large stakeholders of $SQDDOGS access to API and development tools.

Ticker: $SQDDOGS
Total Supply: 800 quintillion
Liquidity Lock: 6 Months - 1 year
Transaction Fee: 10% (1% redistribution, 1% liquidity, 8% tax)

1% Redistribution

The 1% redistribution provides investors with an incentive to hold $SQDDOGS, even if they don’t interact with the SquidDogs Studios ecosystem. This redistribution feature also offers holders - big and small - access to passive income.

1% Liquidity

1% from each transaction is automatically deposited into the liquidity pool (LP). Not only does this ensure there’s always sufficient liquidity to process transactions, but a healthy LP can help protect $SQDDOGS from massive price swings caused by small buy/sell orders.

8% Development Tax - 0x0d51d9b9f87f822414f1059dd310be83e545a8aa

8% Development Tax offsets early costs with running and maintaining the platform until all aspects have been implemented. At which point taxes can be looked at from a community standpoint.


30 Days Growth:
30 Days Growth:
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