Spice Flow

Spice Flow

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Browser economic P2E strategy game based on the WAX ​​blockchain. Build factories, upgrade, extract resources, conquer the planet!
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About Spice Flow

Each player receives a land plot with slots for factories on which to build their bases and extract resources. Also there is a plot card in the game that increases performance and gives you additional slots for factories. You can play with a card of plot and without it. First of all, Players need to build a Power plant which gives power to a certain number of factories, plants or facilities on the Base. More plants or upgrading current level of factories on the Base moves you to build more Power plants or upgrade current level of existing.

 Next steps, Players need to build a Warehouse, a Silo, an Oil refinery, a Steel plant and a Parts factory. After that, Players receive a possibility to operate a manufacturing chain to produce all necessary for mining Spice process. After that, build a Garage and Assembly factory to produce harvesters and support them. Each plant has its own production cycle, after a certain time you can assemble the products and start production again.

Browser economic P2E strategy game based on the WAX ​​blockchain. Build factories, upgrade, extract resources, conquer the planet!




Fuel, an in-game asset required to refuel spice harvesters. Fuel is produced at an oil refinery



Parts is one of the tokens needed to repair buildings and vehicles. Produced at the parts factory



Steel is an in-game asset needed to create parts. Processed at the ore plant



Spices are the main token needed to repair buildings and improve factories. Harvested by harvesters in the desert

Spice Flow Roadmap

  • Q1 2022

  • Creation of NFTs
    Whitelisted on AtomicHub
  • Q2 2022

  • Social Media
    Alcor Token Listing
    Launch of the Beta Version
  • Q3 2022

  • Balance Correction
    Process chain system
    New buildings
    Game Release

Spice Flow Team

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