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In short, we’re a Swiss startup from Crypto Valley in the pursuit of building a data-driven work space for all cryptocurrency investors. We aim to provide useful, reliable and unique data on our platform for smarter trading decision-making, thus more successful portfolio growth.
Jan, 2019
Jan, 2019
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About SparkBase

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SparkBase is building a specialized platform for the serious investor with new sets of innovative cryptocurrency tools. The SparkBase platform provides a new approach to sound decision making in highly volatile trading environments.

With its BASE coin-powered engine and machine learning AI-capabilities the SparkBase functions as the ideal work space for the savvy cryptocurrency investor while protecting data privacy.

We want to help the common person make the leap from simply speculating (and painfully cutting losses later on)  to investing on the basis of accurate indicators. While we’re in the clear that nobody can foretell the future or  predict every event, we’re confident investing based on sensible information will yield much better results.


Valuing the SparkBase community, our investors and supporters we implemented an attractive reward system taking into account the network weight, availability and commitment.

SparkBase is based on a cleverly balanced blockchain system bringing together various aspects of safety, high speed, low costs, longevity and decentralized computing power.

Due to its technical advantage BASE coins have instant transaction speed, an important core feature when BASE is used as a information carrier.

Thanks to lowest transaction fees SparkBase users can focus on the true business value of the platform without any transaction-related limitations.


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