Created using Figma
Created using Figma
LIL Aliens, collecting your most prized loot. The Space Looters are an alien species from the planet Vory. A tragedy strikes, forcing them to search for new worlds. During their exploration, they surveil transmissions from Earth and immediately become obsessed with the culture of consumerism — they have discovered their new home.
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SPACE LOOTERS are the first generative NFT concept from the creativity of LILKOOL. These characters are a major expansion of the artist’s digital infrastructure. Holders are granted access to exclusive art, fashion and experiences.

LILKOOL is a creative concept platform dealing in design, multimedia and fashion created by Joshua Maupin. Having been brainwashed by pop culture, Josh started creating in order to find a sense of balance. LILKOOL’s stylistic influences range from classic painters and the cartoons of his childhood to snippets from the obscure comic book scene.

Josh has a multi-decade long portfolio exemplifying the breadth of his talent from graffiti to fine art. His work is consistently appearing in prestigious art galleries and circles around the globe. For example, LILKOOL was featured in a group show entitled PUNCH, curated by Nina Chanel Abney at The Jeffrey Deitch Gallery. The LILKOOL aesthetic attracts collaborations with high-profile brands including Apple, Nike, Warby Parker and others. LILKOOL Studios is based in beautiful Brooklyn, NY.

In Web3, Josh began listing his work on SuperRare, Foundation and OpenSea proceeding his first consecutive collaborative drops with SuperChief and Cross Studio Asia. Now, LILKOOL is preparing an NFT ecosystem revolving around his new characters, the Space Looters. The basis of this ecosystem will consist of two collections on the Ethereum network. The programmatically generated Space Looter characters will be hosted on an ERC-721 contract. Distinctive expansionary NFT drops exclusive to supporters and collectors of LILKOOL are designated to an ERC-1155 contract.

“Must be KOOL to Collect”
Available to collectors and early supporters of LILKOOL is an ongoing series of Ethereum ERC-1155 NFTs entitled, Must Be KOOL to Collect. This ERC-1155 smart contract enables the fractionalization of each piece of work into multiple editions. This collection empowers LILKOOL to drop limited-edition art exclusive to supporters.

Currently, curious collectors are able to join the KOOL-LIST for their opportunity to participate in the minting of a select number of special pre-character pieces. Eventually, this collection will be exclusive to Space Looter NFT collectors.

Space Looters — INVASION IMMINENT — Mint Information
Each Space Looter character is a unique Ethereum ERC-721 NFT programmatically generated from an amalgamation of traits designed by LILKOOL. Supply, price and date to be announced shortly.

Not only will these characters be the focal point of a developing narrative, Space Looter NFTs will be the Web3 backbone to LILKOOL’s developing blockchain infrastructure. As mentioned before, Space Looter collectors will have exclusive, discounted, or early access to LILKOOL product — including digital and tangible art drops, limited-edition fashion and curated experiences both on and off the web.


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