Snub Network

Snub Network

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SNUB is Snub Network's native asset, built on the XRP Ledger, providing utility to the ever-evolving web 3.0 ecosystem. Snub Games is utilizing SNUB and the Snub Network to develop unforgetable games and in-game NFTS for its growing community.
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About Snub Network

This document is used for illustration purposes only. It is advised that all SNUB holders and investors take the time to thoroughly understand blockchain technology and digital assets. Understand the potential risks that may come from investing in digital currencies and non-fungible tokens, and take action accordingly. This document is being used to portray the general infrastructure of Snub Network, and is subject to change at any time seen fit. The subject blockchain platform “Snub Network” does not guarantee the outcome of said written plans and proposals, none of which shall be defined as any type of solicitation or securitys offering. This whitepaper is not created by or subject to any jurisdiction regulations or laws made to secure and protect investors.

Snub Network Roadmap

  • Phase 1

  • 100K+ Trustlines
    Snub Web App (BETA)
    Snub Games “World of Worms” NFT Minting
    Small Exchange Listings
    Phase 1 Investor Pool
  • Phase 2

  • Angel Investor Aquisitions
    Big Partnerships
    SNUB Staking
    Snub Games Phygital Pre-Sale (Early-Investors)
    Snub Web App (RELEASE)
    Moderate Exchange Listings
    Snub Marketplace (BETA)
    Snub Network - Mobile App (BETA)
    World of Worms - Mobile Game (BETA)
  • Phase 3

  • Global Marketing Campaign
    Large Exchange Listings
    Snub Network - Marketplace (RELEASE)
    World of Worms - Mobile Game (RELEASE)
    Orange Reserve (BETA)
    Snub Network - Mobile App (RELEASE)
    Snub Marketplace - Phygital Implementation
    Snub Games Hub (BETA)
  • Phase 4

  • Orange Reserve (RELEASE)
    World of Worms - Nintendo Switch (RELEASE)

Snub Network Last News

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