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The smartcams project combines cutting-edge technologies in the field of finance and production of science-driven and high-demand product in the global market of video surveillance and video analytics systems. At the root of the smartcams project is its existing successful company, which has been selling its products for 5 years now. The goal of token sales is to raise funds to expand existing production and develop new products.
Feb 15, 2019
Mar 14, 2019
100% completed
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Jan 15, 2019
Feb 14, 2019
100% completed
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Token Details
Token Distribution
• 10% — Bonuses at early stages
• 10%- Will be the team’s share that will be freezed
for a period of one year. The team is motivated
towards increasing the token value and
successfully implementing the project. So, token
holders and the team share the same interests.
• 10% — Will go into the project’s reserve
fund. The funds will be used to maintain the
token liquidity, protect against token price
manipulation and unforeseen expenses.
• 5% — Will be used for bounty rewards
• 65% — Goes to token holders.
Additional Details

About SmartCams

Video analytics is a technology that uses computer vision techniques to automatically obtain various data based on analysis of the sequence of images coming from video cameras in real time or from archival records. In the world today, video analytics is in the stage of active global development. Computing power is rapidly growing and becoming cheaper. This has opened new opportunities for video content processing technologies. It is becoming ever easier to use more complex algorithms and neural networks for recognition of patterns or even entire chains of actions. Video analytics tools are used not only in the field of security but also in marketing. Marketing specialists now have new tools to measure customer loyalty. Video surveillance systems can be useful in counting the number of visitors, analyzing their movement in the store, identifying customer interests in shop windows and goods, determining the length of queues at ticket offices, etc. The next stage of development will be identification of customers through analysis of video data received from a CCTV system. This would enable sellers make personal offers to their customers and analyze their behavior. Application of the described systems will make shop to work more efficiently.

The SmartCams team plans to use the funds raised to expand its existing production and R&D (research and development) unit to achieve higher production of new products. The tokens issued through crowdfunding will be used as coupons granting the holders the right to obtain licenses to expand the functionalities of SmartCams products. Video image analyzing systems are very popular. However, they are available only to major companies and government agencies due to high cost. There are no complex solutions in the market that are available to small businesses — solutions that combine both security and analytical functions. Today, cost optimization and a deeper understanding of customer needs have become business priorities. That is why the development of a cheap, boxed retail solution that solves this problem has become a pressing issue.

SmartCams market strategy is based on two marketing approaches – «Unique Selling Proposal» and «Better at same price». Newly developed innovative products are positioned as a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Current highdemand products are sold at the level of prices and conditions that are similar to competitive products, while the quality of the product is higher. The high quality is due to the high level of elaboration, execution and functionality of products in comparison with the current offers from Asian manufacturers that are dominating the market. These quality criteria have been confirmed by marketing research.

The project team includes experts with over 10 years of experience in the video surveillance and video analytics industry. The team has developed and implemented more than 100 security systems in the real sector. Our customers include both the private and the government sectors. The team brings to the industry a solid understanding of the technical and marketing component of the video surveillance market.


- At the root of the smartcams project is its existing successful company, which has been selling its products for 5 years 

- The SmartCams product portfolio is diversified 

- The project team includes experts with over 10 years of experience in the video surveillance and video analytics industry 

Technical Info

A token is a coupon that gives the holder a right to purchase licenses to expand the functionality of SmartCams products. The number of licenses, and accordingly tokens, is limited. After the project has been implemented, the token will serve as the only means of obtaining rights to SmartCams licenses. When an end user acquires a license, an equivalent amount of token is redeemed from token holders at the current price and burned. 


SmartCams Team

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Evgeniy Petrov
CEO / Founder
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