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Skylandia is a medieval fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game featuring PvP as a key dynamic to incentivise players to team up. Create and join guilds (DAOs) to form alliances and fight for control of the world.
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About Skylandia

Skylandia is a medieval Fantasy Adventure Play-To-Earn MMORPG featuring PvP and guilds (DAO) as key Game dynamics to incentivise players to team up. Create and join guilds (DAOs) to form alliances and fight for control of the world. Unlike most other MMORPGs, players aren’t prompted to choose a character class when they start Skylandia, everyone starts with the same basic character, and players can customize their playstyle solely by equipping NFTs. Players can lease out their equipment or rent other players’ equipment in exchange for $blueSky tokens for a predetermined amount of time on the lending marketplace.

Skylandia is a planet located in the metaverse of Genesya, which is inhabited by the Goddess Mintasya and the Mintos, a race of mortal humanoids culminating in a tragic event where the Mintasya almost destroyed Earthlandia. The ravaged planet was saved by the 7 angels of Genesya, who preserved it as a chain of floating islands, thus creating Skylandia. As a Mintos, one of the humanoid inhabitants of Skylandia, players must survive this apocalyptic landscape, equipping themselves with powerful items and teaming up with other players to improve their chances.

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