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The word “Shounen” is generally defined as a young boy within the age range of 5 to 14 in Japan, but from the way I see it, it is more than a simple term used for mundane categorization.
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It is something metaphysical that shapes who we are and what we do, residing in the hearts of those who find freedom in this cruel world and are driven by guiltless passion. I decided to explore this notion of Shounen in the world of NFT’s because It has a special place in my identity, and I believe it is what characterizes my artistic style.

As a half Japanese boy who observed the world through the lenses of creative pop culture and endless possibilities, it is in my best interest to share with everyone the innocent curiosity, and playful perception of everyday objects experienced by the Shounen.


  • Episode 1.1: Shounens arrive in the Metaverse

  • 5,000 Shounens ready to be minted in March. 24 hour presale mint + 24 hour public mint (if not sold out remainder will be burned)
  • Episode 1.2: Shounen Reveal

  • 24 hours after mint, all Shounens will be revealed including rarities.
  • Episode 1.3: Shounen Celebrations

  • As we finish the mint and reveal, post launch celebrations begin including parties, giveaways, games and irl events!
  • Episode 1.4: Shounen Sekai (discord area)

  • Holders will have exclusive access to the Shounen Sekai section in discord, this section will consist of exclusive giveaways, whitelist allocation from other projects, community votes + alpha channels, An exclusive holders club with tons of benefits!
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  • Episode 1.5: Establishment of Yunkystudios

  • We are now ready to assets and introduce the full fledged company YunkyStudios. Acting as a portal for all of our utilities and future plans, all Shounen and Shoujo (V2 collection) holders will have a say in decisions + access to exclusive benefits of the company. One of our big goals for YunkyStudios is to identify and support artists within our genre of Asian Pop Culture and animation. With our large network and resources we will be helping these artists assets amazing projects/art with large sums of whitelist allocation to our Shounen/Shoujo holders. A cut of revenue made from these projects will also be placed into a treasury which will be used to fund future plans and utility. We will be a community driven company, we hope all of our Shounen and Shoujo holders will participate in votes and decision making.
  • Episode 1.6: Shoujo collection

  • Introduction of our second collection to complete the set. Collection of 5,000. 50% whitelist allocation to our Shounen holders.
  • Episode 1.7: Burn for legendary Yunky

  • We believe that those who truly support and believe in our project deserve to be rewarded. To those who hold both a Shounen + Shoujo and hold each for over 3 weeks will have access to burn both and receive a special legendary "Yunky". Those holding a "Yunky" will have access to special benefits and act as direct contributors of the company. More information to be posted closer to mint.
  • Episode 2.1: Establishment of Brand Yunkystudios

  • As the company develops, YunkyStudios will become a official brand as we open a full fledged online store. Early stages will consist of basic merchandise and accessories. Our first collection will all be Shounen/Shoujo themed with holders getting exclusive access to these items. This is not your average mini NFT merchandise, we plan to create a full brand and expand the company into something huge.

    Once again, a cut of revenue made from the store will be placed into the treasury to fund future plans and utilities.
  • Episode 2.2: Into the Metaverse

  • Using the treasury fund, we will be purchasing Metaverese land (Either Sandbox or NFT Worlds) and hiring game designers to create our anime/Asian culture inspired world. This allows holders to hang out and receive multiple benefits within the land.
  • Episode 2.3:

  • Next Steps decided by holders


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