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An innovative decentralized platform that combines Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) & Fungible Tokens (FT) within the Metaverse.
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About ShoeFy


ShoeFy is an innovative decentralized platform that combines Non-Fungible and Fungible Tokens (FT). The ERC-721standard digital shoes will be referred to as sNFT and its ERC-20 standard Fungible Token as $SHOE. Users can gain exposure to the market by holding their unique digital sNFT empowered by FT $SHOE token, boosting the potential of a higher passive income through staking and farming rewards.

Users will have the opportunity to mint various classes of sNFT (common, rare, unique, epic, legendary and mythic) and resell them in the secondary market. In addition, the sNFT holder will also have the option to stake their assets in the ShoeFy staking pool or become a Liquidity Provider in the ShoeFy liquidity pools and earn additional incentives.

Interchangeable value for NFT and FT in a single platform
The current markets of NFTs are limited to buying, holding, and selling. ShoeFy monetizes the sNFTs used in tools such as farming and staking in the platform. In addition, ShoeFy is a platform where NFTs and FTs will have value interchangeability. With the sNFT/$SHOE liquidity pools in the platform, users can instantly swap their sNFTs for $SHOE and vice versa. The ability to easily swap sNFTs for $SHOE enhances the sNFTs liquidity with the help of the $SHOE token.

Generate Passive Income
Users can stake their sNFTs and earn rewards in $SHOE. $SHOE tokens can be staked to farm different categories of sNFTs from common-mythic shoes. Users can also take part in the liquidity pools and earn $SHOE tokens. The rewards received can be staked again into the pools in a cycle, compounding and generating passive income for the users.

Profit Optimizing Scheme
A limited number of booster bNFTs will be minted for sale. These boosters give the sLP and LP token the ability to multiply their yield performance depending on the category of booster they purchased. For example, holding a 2x booster with an LP token will let the user harvest twice as many rewards as a standard LP token can earn.

User-Friendly Interface for Ease of Control
ShoeFy's platform is designed with great care to bring up the best of its utility features in the simplest form. With the pleasant user interface, any beginner with the basic knowledge of NFT and Defi can easily navigate through the tools and features in the platform.


ShoeFy Roadmap

  • Q2 2021

  • ShoeFy project
    ideation & platform
    planning and
    development began.
  • Q3 2021

  • Entity, Team &
    Advisor formation
  • 3Q Phase 1

  • • Programing of Genesis sNFRs
    • Beta version launch (for limited
    • Dex Platform (staking and
  • 3Q Phase 2

  • • Mainnet 1.0 launch
    • Liquidity Mining
    • $SHOE token
    • IDO and listings
  • Read More
  • Q4 2021

  • • Genesis sNFT Minting
    • Shoeverse with metaverse projects
    • DAO- SIP (ShoeFy
    • Improvement Proposal)
    • Cross-chain solution
    • Various partnerships.
  • 1H 2022

  • • Mobile version ShoeFy
    • ShoeFY Games - Play-to-Earn
    • ShoeFy.NFT swap
  • 2H 2022

  • • Shoefly brand expansion to different fashion items
    • ShoeFy Merchandise and collaboration with popular brands


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