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SHISHI has been born! ... and it is safe: StaySAFU
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SHIBA SHIT (SHISHI) - 完全で完全な芝のたわごと is not a decentralised community experiment. There is no use case for SHISHI and there will probably never be any; we will most certainly not be inventing or creating use cases, swaps, bridges, etc. in the future. SHISHI is what its name suggests.
There is definitely no connection to DOGE or any of the multitude of recently created dog tokens. Some of those new tokens make big promises ("moon", "mars", "safe", etc.) and lay them out on beautiful road maps. While many of them may not be scams, some surely have a "use case" after all, i.e. scamming investors by using various more or less obvious methods.
SHISHI makes promises too, mainly the following two - and we are going to keep and prove them, so maybe we are even a little less shitty than other projects with nicer names:
1) More than 91% of SHISHI's supply will added to the liquidity pool on PancakeSwap and locked for 3 years. 
2) Only 1% of the total supply will be allocated to the team before locking liquidity.


SHISHI was added to PancakeSwap Nov-27-2021. A few investors bought immediately after the trading pair was live, more when liquidity was locked. Even a Telegram channel was created without our knowledge. Many people obviously bought SHISHI just because it was new and some have since been selling at a loss.  While we admit that we never expected over 200 buyers in the first minutes and hours of SHISHI's life - we did not expect any at all - the following few hours have shown a lot of sales, again leaving some people with less than they paid when they bought in.  We applied for SHISHI's listing on CoinGecko after the rush during the first few hours. However, we do not think the listing is actually going to happen. Things have slowed down a lot since Nov-27-2021 and will probably stay slow forever. In spite of all that, we have grown fond of SHISHI and would appreciate if potential buyers view it as a joke as well. SHISHI and its team do not want anybody to lose larger amounts of money on a joke. If you really decide to buy SHISHI, please keep that in mind and think about buying small amounts - just like the few buyers that have come in after the crazy first hours. The team will not abandon it (the airdrops will go through as planned) and we also did not sell any of our small holdings in our developers' wallets. 
We generally recommend extreme caution when investing in crypto as the market is very volatile, especially compared to many other, more conservative investment forms.  
We can not recommend investing in any shit coin - and SHISHI most definitely is one. Actually, SHISHI is not even a coin, just a token as most shit "coins", even though some of these shit tokens actively call themselves coins!
We suggest never to invest money (FIAT currency) you need or may need at any time in the future in shit coins (or tokens), do not even invest money you need or may need at any time in the future in any crypto. 
Always be aware of the laws concerning crypto in your country. This does not only include the question of the general legality of owning, selling and buying crypto, it also includes related topics like taxation laws on crypto earnings. 
We caution you to be extremely careful when handling crypto in wallets or on exchanges. Do not hand your seed phrase, private keys or passwords to anybody and do not lose them: "Your keys, your crypto."


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