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Created using Figma
Created using Figma
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About SharkCat Planet

SharkCat is a unique species of 9,999 characters living on their new planet where it’s now the era of an NFT uprising hosted by Opensea. So, that means they need to survive the generation and grow their civilization’s strength for their supremacy on SharkCat planet.

First Journey of SharkCat

After the disaster on the Earth planet, so many lives have been apart across the universe. It is when the revolution of the new species begins. This new species known as SharkCat as its body looks like Shark and Cat in humans’ view. They apparently take their journey to the new planet where a sea monster takes over the era of an NFT generation. It is also when the power battle begins. So, to be the greatest on this planet, SharkCats need to survive the generation and grow their community as much as they can.

  SharkCat Crew

SharkCat wants to make the community stronger to become the greatest on the planet. Now, their pack has grown up and It’s the SharkCatians who drive this pack up across the land and sea! SharkCatians can join special events, challenges and get utilities so that they believe this can allow them to be the ruler and get on the next level of their strength. Among of SharkCatian has 12 Tribes, which has unique identity and cool ever


SharkCat Planet Roadmap

  • Stage I : The Beginning of SharkCat (Pre Mint) [Q4 2021]

  • SharkCat Design , Character and Planet Draft
    Online Community Building
    Discord OG / Whitelist
    There will be 9,900 SharkCats and 99 SharkCats Held for Marketing
    SharkCativities via Discord
    OG Presale On December 5th, 2021 , 0:01 AM UTC
    Whitelist Presale On December 6th, 2021 0:01 AM UTC
    Public Sale On December 7th, 2021 2:00:00 PM UTC
    Whitepaper Release
  • Stage II : We’re SharkCatians (Mint)

  • Beep! Beep! Mint is on 5-9 December
    Rarity scoring tool released on our website
    SharkCat Comic , Collectibles
    SharkCatians Mystery Quest Announcement
  • Stage III : The Next Destination

  • SharkCat Planet x Sandbox Game ( Visit our SharkCat Planet x Sandbox here
    More Collection for GameFi , Tokens


30 Days Growth:
30 Days Growth:

481 099

SharkCat Planet Last News

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