Shark Club

Shark Club

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
3 NFTs for the price of one, and join a community of crypto investing and mining built on Solana.
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About Shark Club


Welcome to the shark club website. We are proud to introduce you to our world of 999 Shark NFTS. (333 baby sharks, 333 adult sharks, and 333 elder sharks). Baby sharks will be minted for Price of X SOL on: TBD, and the rest of the collection will be airdropped to baby shark holders. Our world will open several lucrative doors for holders such as Crypto mining and investing, we will also be holding giveaways on a regular basis. We hope to create a community directed world where all stakeholders can vote on ways to spend the funds in our community wallet. Join us in our adventure!
(Read roadmap for more info).

our Story

There once was a group of 4 scuba divers that went diving in the depths of the pacific ocean; they were exploring and searching for exotic animals all around the world in each and every ocean but unfortunately, they never found anything special in all the years that they have looked. The divers were just about to lose hope and give up on their mission until one of them spotted a colorful animal that hid behind a rock. The men gathered around that rock and started to pull it out slowly as it was extremely heavy. After a few minutes, the 4 men finally pulled the rock out and found a group of 333 colorful and unique baby sharks that have never been seen before in the world! Each of these divers realized that they had just made a huge discovery and they could make millions just by taking in those sharks for experimentation. However, the 4 partners refused to endanger the lives of these baby sharks by taking them to a lab to conduct tests on; instead, they decided to keep them and raise them as their own children. The divers could not leave the sharks in the ocean anymore since they didn’t have anyone to protect them in the biggest and scariest ocean in the world. Since the sharks were a tremendous discovery, they must be kept safe from all harm;  So, the divers promised each other that they would keep these 333 baby sharks and raise them until they grow old.

Shark Club Roadmap


  • - Launch and Mint of 333 Baby Shark NFTs in Quarter 1 2022.

    - Listings on secondary marketplaces.

    - All Shark club owners will have a chance to win a giveaway.

    -Shark Club Holders will be able to join a private discord channel.

    - 30% of secondary market royalties will be allocated to our Shark Club Community Wallet.

    - Create a voting system for holders to vote on ways to use funds in community wallets, Ex: Floor sweeps, giveaways, passive income for holders (mining and investing), etc.

  • Launch of Adult and Elder shark NFTs

    - 333 Adult sharks will be airdropped to baby shark holders 10 days after the original mint date. Holders will receive the adult version of their baby shark.

    - 333 Elder sharks will be airdropped to baby shark holders 10 days after adult sharks airdrop. Holders will receive the “elder” version of their shark.

    - To further elaborate, shark holders will own a total of 3 shark club NFTs if they own and hold the baby shark. (You will receive the airdrop whether you minted the baby shark or bought it on the secondary market.)

  • Reward system

    - The people who own all 3 versions of a shark can enter exclusive and unique giveaways for physical and cash prizes in the crypto world!

  • Bitcoin mining and investing in crypto with the community

    - Holders of any shark club NFT will be able to participate bitcoin mining or invest with the community in crypto via binance. You have to hold all 3 sharks in order to enter the system.


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