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Sertopia is a play-to-earn gaming platform. We strongly believe in the true ownership of digital assets in the new era of gaming, an era in which tokenized game currencies and blockchain-based game characters will revolutionize the industry. All players should have the opportunity to earn from their skill, and to be rewarded for contributing to the success of these games. Our mission is to recognize and reward players skill, effort and loyalty and introduce the value of blockchain to mainstream gamers.
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About Sertopia

Sertopia Token The Sertopia Token (STT) is not currently deployed on the blockchain. follow our roadmap for more!

The Sertopia Token (STT) is an ERC-20 utility token designed to be the currency of access, action and governance in supported play-to-earn games provided on the Sertopia platform. Sertopia token uses Polygon as L2 scaling solution.The purpose of Sertopia STT is to support multiple game titles on the Sertopia platform, as well as to decentralize its ownership and governance. We want to put players in control. The total supply of STT has been fixed at null tokens.

Sertopia NFTs

Sertopia NFTs (STN) are Polygon-based NFTs (using ERC-721 standard) designed to provide the ultimate Play & Earn experience in the new era of gaming. We are entering a new era of gaming where players truly own their digital assets, fungible or non-fungible tokens (NFTs), representing in-game currency, game characters, or other items in the game. The key is that the value of game assets can exist and evolve in time, grow with the community and its engagement, and the utility reaches beyond just one game.

Company About

Sertopia is a high-engagement, play-and-earn mobile gaming platform that rewards players for skill and effort. powered by the STT token, the utility token that enables access, action, and governance of the platform. Sertopia was founded in 2022 Our mission is to recognize and reward players skill, effort and loyalty and introduce the value of blockchain to mainstream gamers. 

Why Blockchain? A blockchain is essentially a database maintained by multiple independent actors rather than one single actor. The major difference between a traditional database and a blockchain-powered database is decentralization: the owner of a traditional database has responsibility for maintaining that database, and thus the power to change the accounting within. When the responsibility for maintaining a database is shared, no entity holds that power. The idea of decentralization holds special resonance when it comes to gaming.   Gaming has long been a space where a sense of ownership is shared between the developers and players, whether that is as simple as a fanbase that becomes invested in a game’s plot and characters or as thoroughly enmeshed as a platform driven entirely by user-created games. And yet as this relationship has grown more sophisticated over the years, ultimately the users operate on good faith: developers can change anything at any time, and the users ultimately have only the power to spend money and time, or not. Independent databases maintained by both players and developers offer a new way to conceive of that relationship. They allow players to maintain control of the assets that they earn in game and to do with them what they wish. That might mean moving them elsewhere in the same ecosystem or trading them for tokens that can be used in other games. It means, inevitably, that the developer must give up a sense of agency and transfer some of that to players. It can be a scary prospect, but that’s what makes it exciting.

Sertopia Roadmap

  • 2022

  • – Project funding

    – Sertopia App : Complete app development

    – Sertopia App : Minting Dapp launch

    – Sertopia NFTs : STN launch

    – Sertopia App : Release Sertopia app for Android

    – Sertopia NFTs : The first phase of public sales – 50%

    – Sertopia Token : STT Token Launch

    – Sertopia App : Version 2.0 of Sertopia App Launch (Tournament, Avatars and token withdraw and etc…)

    – Sertopia App : New games Launch (batch 2)

    – Sertopia NFTs : The second phase of public sales – 30%

    – Sertopia App : Community features

    – Sertopia App : Release Sertopia app for IOS

    – Sertopia NFTs: The third phase of public sales – 15%

    – Sertopia App : New games Launch (batch 3)

    – Sertopia App : Staking Launch


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30 Days Growth:

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