Sea Rovers

Sea Rovers

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Sea Rovers are a collection of 3,000 unique & savvy pirate ship NFTs on an expedition through the Metaverse.
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About Sea Rovers

Snipe a Crypto CaptainCrypto Cove, and Sea Rover on Magic Eden or Solsea.


Join the discord to gain access to our DAO and VIP channels.

Prepare for our epic Game launch featuring Twitch giveaways and tournaments!

Why Mint a Sea Rover? Gaming All our NFT's will be playable in our Sea Rover game coming out this month! The Kraken The Kraken is lurking on secondary markets to devour Sea Rovers off the price floor. $RUM Token Stake your Rovers or earn through our game. IDO launch planned for Q1 2022 What is a mini-collection and what are Crypto Captains?

A mini-collection is a collection featuring few traits at a lower price point that is launched through the Sea Rovers community. Crypto Captains are the first of three mini-collections featuring four trait levels and 12k possible combinations, coming out on Dec. 8th. Minting link and details are in our discord!

How can I get a Sea Rover?

On launch date and time you can mint through our website, after launch you can buy/sell/trade your Sea Rover NFT on verified secondary markets. (TBD: Solanart, Magic Eden, Solsea)

How many traits to Sea Rovers have?

There are a total of 5 rarity tiers and 9 different trait levels, with over 100 unique traits. Together there are over a billion different combinations of Sea Rovers! Full rarity chart will be available close to launch.

How do I get a Rover Armada header NFT and what is a Header NFT?

You must own at least three Sea Rover NFTs that have not been submitted for a header previously. After launch, you will be able to verify you are the owner of those three, then receive a unique header NFT including all the traits from your Sea Rovers NFTs, while keeping your NFTs safe in your wallet. A header NFT is just like any other NFT except has a 3:1 aspect ratio making them perfect for social media headers/banners. They will be tradable on secondary markets and linked to the Sea Rovers collection.


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