ScriptDrop Token Sale

ScriptDrop Token Sale

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Created using Figma
ScriptDrop's Adherence Token and Blockchain will drive down the cost of prescriptions for patients in the U.S and eventually worldwide. We help to promote medication adherence and can take Adherence Tokens as payment, at pharmacies across the U.S.
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Nov 1, 2017
Nov 14, 2017
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About ScriptDrop Token Sale

Aligning Interests for Better Outcomes

Everyone in the healthcare system wants to improve the health of their patients, and data is key to that effort.

The biggest data desert is patient interactions, and ScriptDrop has laid the foundation for patient interaction data. To fully build out our patient profiles, we are partnering with other major healthcare providers who contribute to our Adherence Blockchain and can, in turn, interact with patients in the ScriptDrop network.

Knocking down data silos in healthcare will lead to the better outcomes that we ALL desire.

Building a Patient Network

ScriptDrop has two services that interact with the patient: prescription delivery and medication reminders. Patients are incentivized to interact with this network through the issuance of our Adherence Tokens, which are provided to them as cash discounts on co-pays.

Our services drive up adherence, which will lower the costs of healthcare for the system (fewer patient readmissions) and the patient (through the co-pay discounts).

Provisioning Data Access

Our blockchain is built on the Hyperledger framework, which is well suited to healthcare. It puts the power back in the hands of YOU, the patient. Your patient data is being aggregated and sold, and with the Adherence Blockchain, you are in control of who has access to that data. We believe strongly that better data transparency leads to better patient care.

ScriptDrop Token Sale Roadmap

  • DECEMBER 2015

  • Nick identified that there was an issue with patient’s abandoning their medications when hitting a roadblock at the pharmacy. The data showed around 25% of patients that leave the pharmacy without medication, don’t come back to pick it up. Nick talked to Larry about this issue and they worked together to devise a solution.
  • APRIL 2016

  • Nick and Larry left their comfortable jobs to set-out to focus solely on building ScriptDrop.
  • JUNE 2016

  • Applied and was accepted to a Google Health event and was chosen as the company that was going somewhere.
  • JULY 2016

  • Scriptdrop partnered with Breakaway Courier and BestRx pharmacy system. The integration through BestRx communicates directly with Breakaway through a click of a button.
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  • AUGUST 2016

  • ScriptDrop launched in New York City!
  • SEPTEMBER 2016

  • Finished an integration with a courier platform that gives ScriptDrop the ability to deliver in 42 states.
  • OCTOBER 2016

  • Two pharmaceutical manufacturers approached ScriptDrop about working with them.
  • NOVEMBER 2016

  • Partnership executed with eRx to be set-up as a payer. ScriptDrop now has its own BIN (billing identification number), so pharmacies can submit claims directly to the ScriptDrop BIN to queue up a delivery. This allows any of the 67,000 pharmacies in the U.S. to use ScriptDrop’s delivery, without an integration.
  • DECEMBER 2016

  • The idea for Med Reminders was born. Nick and Larry kept hearing clients ask, “now that you are solving abandonment, how do you solve adherence?” Nick and Larry decided that they could use the same technology to allow the patient to receive daily medication reminders. The patient does not have to download an app, or enter all of their details because of the integrations with the pharmacy systems, ScriptDrop has the data.
  • JANUARY 2017

  • Med Reminder development began in Elixir. This allows the program to easily scale.
  • FEBRUARY 2017

  • Started to work the VC roadshow for funding.
  • MARCH 2017

  • Completed round with Rev1, M25, and Jumpstart Foundry. Raised around one million dollars to execute the big vision.
  • MAY 2017

  • Nick and Larry began exploring the use of blockchain technology to build out the ScriptDrop patient network and to give the patient control of their own data. They had previously built a blockchain app and both knew the technology could improve healthcare.
  • JUNE 2017

  • Hired, Amanda Way. Amanda worked with Nick and Larry at their previous employer, and came with tons of contacts in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Amanda started to approach her contacts and tee-up meetings. Also executed a partnership with another healthcare company, Updox. Press release can be found here.
  • JULY 2017

  • Hired, Derek Schneider. Derek is a skilled Ruby on Rails, Java, and Elixir developer. Derek has also worked for a large healthcare company, therefore the experience will be easy to apply with the ScriptDrop solutions.
  • AUGUST 2017

  • Began pharmacy pilot for Med Reminders.
  • SEPTEMBER 2017

  • After months of planning, ScriptDrop announced their token sale.Nick and Amanda to speak at blockchain conference in NYC.
  • OCTOBER 2017

  • Nick to speak at a blockchain conference in Barcelona, Spain.ScriptDrop will also be the first healthcare company to buydown a prescription co-pay, through the use of app tokens. The transaction will post on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • NOVEMBER 2017

  • Token sale launches.
  • Q1 2018:

  • Have 7 pharma contracts executed.Scale prescription delivery to 20 states.Have 250,000 interactions with patients through Med Reminders.
  • Q2 2018:

  • Launch Med Reminder solution with HuliHealth in Latin America.Work with Anca (token sale advisor) on getting into the French market.Scale prescription delivery to 25 states.Have another 5 pharma contracts executed
  • Q3 2018:

  • Launch solution in France.Cross the 1,000,000 threshold for patient interactions through Med Reminders.Have a fully functional, patented prototype of our Smart Pillbox and begin working on lining up production.
  • Q4 2018:

  • Through either Prescription Delivery or Medication Reminders, ScriptDrop will have worked with 15,000 pharmacies across the U.S.Cross the 2,000,000 interaction for patient interactions through Med RemindersHave executed contracts with 20 pharma companies and 100 different pharma brands


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Nick Potts
Amanda Way
VP, Pharma Sales & Business Development
Matt Brennessel
VP of Pharmacy Solutions
Larry Scott
Derek Schneider
Senior Software Developer
Graham Conzett
Senior Software Developer


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Sam Butler
Anca Petre
Mike Menkhaus
Bennett Smith
Dr. Mona Vand
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