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SCRATCH - it is more an idea then realization at the current moment. The projectis built around The Token itself, and The Community decisions.Basically what I am trying to achieve i to create a community where thousands ofpeople are building the project by themselves. So everyone is able to contributehis ideas, his decisions and make his impact in whatever way he could do this.SCRATCH is for pure crypto enthusiasts and experts. The Frog is the symbol, andnothing more. I am taking a role of an emitter and founder of a direction, not theproject itself.

Networking: Together with The Community we will produce every necessary step to breath alife to the token and give it value. It could be anything, basically: We could findmultiple places to put the token in as a payment currency or create a strongproduct that will have a value.The key benefit of SCRATCH is that there will not be any of “whenexchangers”,“whenmooners”, “whenlamboers” and other freaking out stuff. We are usingminds and contacts of THOUSANDS people and not the team of 10-15 personswith their subjective “expert” visions.Every contributor receives a right to evolve and/or create an ecosystem for thetoken, and hence we are covering far more powerful list of instruments than anyICO ever.



I am not going to be someone who stands for the idea more than personalambitions. I am starting this to make profit and let everyone else receive profit. First of all.There is no cap, at least until we will not have enough community to decide howthis cap should be set, or should it be at all. There are only few digits based termsright now. It is first of all, a percentage that I take from any amount of fundsraised, and percentage for everyone who brought a contributor.


Nothing would make me more happy than ​money ​ looking through thatpay-to-say crypto media outlets and read organic news about some Freak Frogthat made the first indeed interesting and indeed decentralized currency ever withan unlimited potential.You see, I am even not planning to deanonymize The Frog, so I do not want myPersonal Brand to be promoted or whatever. The only thing I want, is to disruptthe are that was supposed to be a disruption but did not make it.


I want to see what is the TRUE unlimited potential, where everywhere could makeimpact in token volume and price. While we are going to decide whether to buildsome system with the tokenomy, or just push our token wherever it could bepushed and live for funds raised from organic trading, EVERY holder could buildwith SCRATCH whatever he wants, really, so the potential is indeed unlimited


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