Scout Doge

Scout Doge

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
ScoutDoge is the partner of Universal Gaming Studio from Singapore.
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About Scout Doge

ScoutDoge is the partner of Universal Gaming Studio from Singapore. Nowadays, in the age of the metaverse many industries are trying to enter the Crypto space. However, many investors do not know how to find gems. The ScoutDoge community is here to help investors find those gems.

Scout Doge Metaverse Support Most crypto project creators do not develop crypto projects but rather copy them. Even if they want to develop their projects further, evenutually they will just stop.. We are not just doing a good new project and we will not stop until the project is fully deployed and a total success! Scout Doge will work with other projects to help solve technical problems and build the Metaverse. Providing full Nfts, GameFi, DAO, Swap, Games, Defi, P2EAlliance, Farms, Trading, Marketplace, Mining, Pools and Auctions. With its alliance into the Metaverse

Scout Doge Roadmap

  • Phase 1

  • l The birth of Scout Doge
    l Token website
    l Initial team composition
    l Setting up the mods admin, promotions team
    l Litepaper
    l Whitepaper
    l Token creation
  • Phase 2

  • l Private Placement %10
    l Pre-Sale Hype
    l Facebook & YouTube Ads
    l Influencer Marketing Begins
    l BSC Presale Ads Begin
    l AMA
    l Pre-Sale Phase %5
    l Launch
    l Reddit&Tg&Tw marketing
    l Audit
    l CMC/CG launch
  • Phase 3

  • l Community fund set up
    l Development of community voting system & Proposals
    l Branding
  • Phase 4

  • l Yahoo Finance and Business Insider Articles
    l Introducing staking
    l Gemstone Dapp
    l Stake Pre-sales
    l The right to distribute community funds
    l New app features
    l Into the metaverse
    l Gamefi Hatchery


30 Days Growth:
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