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SciMatic Coin

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SciMatic Hybrid Blockchain aims to establish a hybrid decentralized system based on blockchain, IPFS and traditional shared database to deal with big data and large
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About SciMatic Coin

This project will increase industry – academia – public sector collaboration. This project will prove that blockchain technology can be used for big data. SciMatic is using its own permissioned blockchain network (rpc:, whose nodes are secured in different universities of the world. Web3.0 projects based on SciMatic Hybrid Blokchain are DeCerta - decentralized certification system (, DeTamga - blockchain based timestamps for digital assets (, Gereksiz Gazete - Firstever blockchain based newspaper ( More on the way.

SciMatic Coin Roadmap

  • Gereksiz ✓
    Firstever blockchain based newspaper. English Soon

    DeCerta ✓
    Blockchain based documentation and certification system. English soon
  • deTamga ✓
    Blockchain based timestamps for journals and digital assets.

    TakıTak ✗
    Blockchain based gifting and post cards.
  • DeJourn ✗
    Blockchain based scientific books and journals.

    DeNota ✗
    Blockchain based notary system working with smart contracts
  • DeScign ✗
    Wallet signatures for government and public sector organizations.

    IDIDIT ✗
    Protect your intellctual property rights with timestamps.
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  • DeWards ✗
    Alternative Nobel prize awarding system. No more human factor.

    DeDucate ✗
    Scholarships, exams, courses, quizzes, homeworks, all transparent.

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