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SaucerSwap is the pioneering DEX on Hedera.
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LP Farm Rewards 50.0%
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About SaucerSwap

SaucerSwap is a fork of Uniswap v2 that leverages the Hedera Smart Contract Service (HSCS) to include Solidity smart contract integration with the Hedera Token Service (HTS). These smart contracts implement an automated market maker (AMM) protocol, which facilitates token swaps within decentralized liquidity pools.

SaucerSwap serves as both an onboarding ramp for HTS projects and endpoint for bridged liquidity, offering a full-suite of DeFi services.


SaucerSwap's native token is $SAUCE: a transferable representation of attributed utility functions; namely, liquidity, staking, and governance, specified in the code. It is therefore designed to be a utility token essential to the protocol. 200 million SAUCE tokens were minted at genesis, while the remaining 800 million will be brought into circulation according to the.

The total supply of SAUCE is hard-capped and will not exceed 1 billion tokens. Furthermore, SaucerSwap will not utilize a burn-and-mint equilibrium (BME) model.


Newly minted SAUCE serves a liquidity mining incentive, used to offset impermanent loss and boostrap liquidity on the protocol.


Furthermore, the token will play an integral role in and . Users can stake SAUCE in a contract to receive a 0.05% fee for every swap that occurs on the protocol. By staking SAUCE, a user immediately receives SAUCEr tokens as receipt of the liquidity they provided, which they can then stake in Community Pools to compound yield.


SaucerSwap is structured as a DAO, where the community can create and vote on proposals to steer protocol development. This governance framework leverages a Hedera Consensus Service (HCS)-based ballot & voting architecture. Votes will be proportional to the amount of SAUCE in a user's account, where 1 SAUCE token = 1 vote.

SaucerSwap Roadmap

  • Completed

  • Initial Market Research & Analysis
    Wireframe of Website
    Draft Tokenomics
    Draft Website Copy
    Frontend Setup w/ Nextjs & Vercel
    Backend Setup w/ Express & MySQL
    Server Deployment on AWS
    Server HTTPS & Nginx Configurations
    Team Recruitment & Compensation Breakdown
    Assemble Team for Social Media Outreach
    Launch of Twitter Campaign
    SaucerSwap Branding & Art Assets
    Website Design & Art Assets
    Finalize NFT Perks
    Website Completion + Cross Browser Testing
    Client-Server Integration
    Internal Security Review
    Website Release
    Wallet-Based Authentication
    HashConnect Integration
    Social Profiles
    NFT Sale Begins
    Host Biweekly AMAs
    Introduce the Team behind the Project
    Publish NFT Multisig Address
    Faucet Bot Release
    Faucet Bot Revise Schedule & Amount
    Faucet Bot Privacy Related Tweaks
    Deploy & Test Uniswap V2 Core + Periphery SCs on Hedera Testnet
    Implement Swap Functionality on Hedera Testnet
    Implement Pairing Functionality on Hedera Testnet
    Implement Router Functionality on Hedera Testnet
    Setup Unit Tests for Factory, Pair, and Router Contracts
    Analyze UI/UX of other DeFi Platforms
    Design the Following Web Pages:
    Landing Page, Swap, Liquidity, Farm, and Portfolio
    Implement Backend Logic for Web Pages
    Secure Partnership with IDO Launchpad
    Implement all Web Pages on the Frontend
    Create Instructional Videos for Swap, Liquidity, and Farm
    Complete Round 1 Bug Bounty on Testnet
    Form Hedera DeFi Alliance
    Technical Whitepaper Release
    Complete Round 2 Bug Bounty on Testnet
    Perform App-Security Analysis on Website
    Perform Security Audits on all SCs
    Revise SCs Based on Audit Feedback
    Documentation Overhaul
    Publish Audit Reports
    Finalize Liquidity Partner Pools
    Perform Testing of SCs on Mainnet
    Receive Grant from The HBAR Foundation
    Electromagnetic Liquidity Option
    Whitelist Event
    Public Launch
  • Ongoing

  • Single-Sided Staking
    Community Pools
    Frontend Bridge Integration
    Expand Backend
    Upgrade Analytics
    Integrate DEX on Data Aggregators
    Add Support for Additional Wallets
    Collaborate on In-Wallet Swap
    CEX Listing(s)
  • Upcoming

  • DAO-Based Governance (Phase I)
    DAO-Based Governance (Phase II)
    Limit Orders
    Expert Mode
    Native Staking
    Farm v2
    Alien Avatars (NFT Staking)


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