Safu Wallet

Safu Wallet

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Safu Wallet is The New Generation, of Software Wallets . That enable users to Trade, Exchange and stake coins. Also let users issue Credit Card and use it online anywhere or withdraw Cash using it from any ATM All Over the World. SAFU WALLET Is Working like Bridge connecting between Crypto and FIAT world.
«Safu Wallet» ICO
Aug 1, 2021
Aug 31, 2021
100% completed
Raised funds - no Data
«Safu Wallet» PreICO
Jun 20, 2021
Jul 7, 2021
100% completed
Raised funds - no Data
Token Details
Total supply
100,000,000.00 SAFUT
Token Distribution
3% bounty and referrals
5% advisors
5% leadership
10% team
22% future development
55% ICO
Additional Details
Platform, wallet

About Safu Wallet

SAFU WALLET Will let Users to Purchase Crypto using Their Credit Cards and Bank Transfers on The other hand and for the First Time SAFU WALLET Users Will be able to Cash Their Crypto Coins into Real Money,

 SAFU WALLET will serve hundred millions of people all over the world to use Crypto Soft and Easy during their normal life.

Trade in Crypto

SAFU WALLET is supporting all DAPPS in ERC20 and BEP20.


SAFU WALLET Will let users Exchange Crypto and FIAT and receive payments in Crypto or FIAT.

Stake Coins

SAFU Wallet is Providing Staking in many Coins.

Credit Card

Using SAFU WALLET Credit Card User will be able to buy online from anywhere and withdraw their coins in Cash.

The Most Revolutionary Crypto Trading App

Safu Wallet is The Start of The New Generation of Crypto Wallets, That will let Users get all needs through only one Platform. Using SAFU WALLET Users will be able to do all usual activities like Trading , Exchanging , Staking and HODL Their Coins in SAFU WALLET.

  Powerfull Mobile App Devs Working Hard to Make it Easy and Simple.   Brings More Transparency And Speed Transparency is Very important in Crypto, That's why it's very important for us to make it Clear like the sun to every one.   Special For Multiple Use Capabilities SAFU WALLET is Very special for users who are active and would like to use many functions in one place. Our Platform Takes away the hard Process of Purchasing Crypto

SAFU WALLET Is Working like Bridge connecting between Crypto and FIAT world , SAFU WALLET Will let Users to Purchase Crypto using Their Credit Cards and Bank Transfers on The other hand and for the First Time SAFU WALLET Users Will be able to Cash Their Crypto Coins into Real Money , The Following are the Methods To Cash in or Out Crypto Coins :

Bank Transfers Credit Card WesternUnion "Comming Soon" MoneyGram "Comming Soon" Vcash "Comming Soon" TransFast "Comming Soon"   Why Choose Us

SAFU WALLET Team aims to help people to feel SAFU while using Crypto , That's Why We are working Hard to add alot of Functions to our Ecosystem.

Creative Chart Modules

SAFU WALLET is Integerated With Trading View to get advanced Charts and Tools for Technical Anaylsis.

High APY %

SAFU WALLET is working on Partnerships with other running Protocols that would Give high APY to it's Users.

247 Online Customer Service

Number One for Us as a Team is Customer Satisfaction , So we will be happy to serve and Help our Users 247.

Notification System

SAFU WALLET Has one of the amazing Notification System technology allover the world that will give users many options to choose from so they can be updated all the time with any action.

Targeting Num# 1

One the Most Features that we Got as a Team , That we all seeking to be Num#1 in Crypto Field , We are ambitious and seeking Users that would Like to Grow with us and be in the top.

Funds always SAFU

SAFU WALLET Has 2 Anti Fraud Teams plus 2 Security Teams all Working Full Time To Make sure Users Funds and the Ecosystem are SAFU All the time and for ever.

Technical Info

How Platform Works

Users Will need to Download SAFU WALLET App from Google Play or App Store and then sign up and use SAFU WALLET (APP Not Released yet)

Register / Login To Our Platform Register or login using your data (Don't ever share that Data with anyone else and we will never ask for it) Creat Or Restore Your Wallet If you don't have Wallet you can create New one , if you already have one at any other Platform your can restore it with the Backup Words. (Remember NOT to Share Backup Words with anyone and we will never ask for it) Have FUN Once You creat / Restore Your Wallet then Your are ready to have some FUN with Us using our services (Trading, Exchanging, Staking..etc).

Safu Wallet Roadmap

  • Q3 2021

  • First Step to Our Target :

    Issue SAFUT Sale , Issue SAFUT Token , Distribute SAFUT TOKEN , Getting listed in CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, Get Listed in Pancakeswap and Kucoin.
  • Q4 2021

  • Launch Platform and Services

    Launch Beta Version of Our Platform on Google Play and App Store, Test Beta Version with more than 20K User , Audit all Codes with Third Party , Launch Final App Version , Marketing Campaign
  • Q1 2022

  • Stratigic Partnerships

    Stratigic Partnerships with Companies and Protocols related to our aims , Marketing Campaign
  • Q2 2022:

  • Add More Featues and Options

    Add P2P Service , Add NFT Market Place , Add Launch Pad Function , Listed in More Exchanges , Marketing Campaign


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