Rug or Diamond

Rug or Diamond

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
This is the beginning of something greater which reveals after mint. Or is it?
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About Rug or Diamond


Roughly, this is a collection of 2000 ERC-721 tokens living on ethereum blockchain. Under the circumstances of the current market, we decided that the mint will be free. Good news - it’s minting soon. July 20th. Follow our official Twitter for updates.


We are a team of skilled professionals, each with expertise of it’s own. Always inspiring and pushing for change, we are finding solutions to build something different. We already have multiple successful projects in our portfolio.

Or we're just a bunch of nonames with a plan to fill our pockets. Who knows...


Mainly because it is fun. In these times of doubt, fear and uncertainty, we decided to put you on a test. Can you deal with another rug? Or even better question, can you deal with missing another diamond project? You’ve got nothing to lose, except for your time.

And now, the question we are asking YOU...


The plan was quite simple. To create an interesting concept and hype it up. Keep our real names a secret and pretend we are some big innovators. Now, even though the mint will be free, we will get all the honey from our 7.5% royalty fees on the secondary market. After a few days of stalling... BOOM... we’re gone. And you’re left with another useless NFT in your wallet.

This is actually an experimental pre-collection for our main project. We will stay annonymus for now and won’t give you a clear roadmap or utility. But after the mint, those who believed and got the chance to mint our access card (oops) will enter our closed Discord server and will be considered the real OGs. We are promising you, we have a diamond in our hands.


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