Rooster Inu

Rooster Inu

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Rooster Inu is the strongest token in 2022.

Rooster Inu is a community driven token deployed on the Binance Smart Chain through the BSC medium. It is community driven and backed by a strong team to deliver for investors. with the goal of creating wealth and use case just by holding Rooster Inu.
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About Rooster Inu


Rooster INU is a low tax reflections based token , it was made on 04.06.2022 by a team for the community , it was named rooster for one reason !! TO WAKE UP BSC !!!

Rooster Inu Roadmap

  • 1

  • PHASE 1

    - Stealth Launch.

    - Telegram Community.

    - Twitter Community.

    - Small Marketing and Website development.

    - MemeTools and various voting sites listings with advertisments.

    - AmA-s

    * Listing on :

    - PancakeSwap

    - Poocoin

    - Dextools
  • 2

  • PHASE 2

    - Audit Contracts

    - Applying for CEX and Trackers like (CoinGecko , CoinMarketCap....)

    - Improvement of Graffics Contents

    - Marketing via Social Media , Official Websites , etc...

    - Team Building and Hiring.

    - Events Like : Competitions , Games, etc..

    - And various other community voting sites.
  • 3

  • PHASE 3

    - DaP Development.

    - Further Exposure via Marketing.

    - Swap

    - farming

    - Competitions and Events.

    - To be announced

Rooster Inu Last News

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