Rooster In Good Shape NFT

Rooster In Good Shape NFT

Created using Figma
Collection of 10,000 NFTs unique digital collectibles living on the Polygon Blockchain as #RC721.
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About Rooster In Good Shape NFT

In the year 1660 roosters were one of the animals which often put in the box and fight each other by humans. They were trained to have a strong mental, body, and mind. Based on those fights, champions were born among them. Now, all of the champions united and brought into a small farm and became a bigger community everyday until it reached 10.000 roosters which are located on Polygon Blockchain.

Rooster In Good Shape NFT Roadmap


  • Join our Discord, Twitter and Instagram for more information about Rooster In Good Shape NFTs. And help us speard it all over the world.
  • 25% - 50%

  • We will be doing weekly giveaways on Discord, Twitter and Instagram for our active community. Special events will also be setup by our team in which everyone has a chance to win big!
  • 50% - 75%

  • We will be looking to hire new staff to help on both the art and tech sides for the future seasons and other exciting projects.
  • 75% - SOLD OUT

  • Production of 3D models for Metaverse is started. Holders can expect special benefits to come with the next release. Secret giveaway will be available once sold out so keep your eyes open.

Rooster In Good Shape NFT Team

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Co-Founder & Lead Artist
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