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Leverage the world's best algorithmic strategists and start earning with every trade on Rook - the open settlement protocol powered by coordination.
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About Rook

At Rook, we believe the value in your blockchain transaction belongs to you.

It’s your transaction value, so it’s only fair you should get paid for it.

But the status quo believes otherwise...

Today on the blockchain your transaction belongs to block producers and predatory bots who exploit profit from it by rearranging data order. They monetize your transaction - and by doing so - earn a profit at the expense of free market efficiency, often contributing to inflated transaction costs (gas fees) and slower execution times.

It’s a zero sum game that has eclipsed over $1.3 billion USD (and counting) in extracted transaction value aka Maximal Extractable Value (MEV). We cover the growing MEV challenge and what you can do to protect yourself from it.

Rook believes blockchain is a public utility serving a public good, so we built the Rook Protocol to make blockchain transactions efficient for all users, protocols, and smart contracts. When you send your transactions through the Rook Protocol, you’re harnessing the coordinated and collective power of block producers and sophisticated statistical arbitrage bots (known as “Keepers”) who unlock discoverable transaction value (read: profit). Instead of keeping profits to themselves (the current norm), up to 80% is shared with the transaction owner (you), payable in cryptocurrency ($ROOK).

The result? Market efficiencies are optimized without compromising your transaction’s execution or the profit potential. It means more profitable transactions every time.

The team building the innovative technology powering the Rook Protocol is Rook Labs - a hand picked group of gigabrains from DeFi, technology, research, and finance. Rook Labs comprise of alumni from Google, NASA, UBS, Citadel, Gemini, Apple, Shopify, Oxford, Harvard, Princeton, and Imperial College London.

Rook Labs is funded and supported by the Rook DAO - a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Rook DAO is a web3 internet-native organization collectively owned and managed by its members. The DAO’s built-in treasury means no one has the authority to access without the general consensus of the group members. Decisions are governed by proposals and voting to ensure everyone in the organization has a voice. Rook DAO is 100% transparent and verifiable by anyone.

Rook’s advisors and research partners are renowned as some of DeFi’s earliest pioneers and innovators in MEV, including Nathan Worsley, Imagine, SiegeRhino, AZ, and co-founder Joey Zacherl, along with strategic advisors Tiantian Kullander of Amber Group and Taiyang Zhang of Ren and Alameda Research.

Rook is backed by strategic investors at Three Arrows Capital, Polychain Capital, and Fisher8 Capital. All smart contracts have been audited independently by Quantstamp and PeckShield, with additional audits conducted by samczsun.


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