Rise Protocol

Rise Protocol

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Rise Protocol is the worlds most advanced rebase token. Though initially pegged to 0.01 ETH, Rise has the ability, through governance, to adapt and be dynamically pegged to any asset class depending on investor and market sentiment. This allows for a level of flexibility and adaptability never seen before.
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Apr 1, 2021
Apr 30, 2021
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About Rise Protocol

A token adjustment occurs daily at 20:00 UTC. If the price of
Rise is above peg, then due to its price elastic supply, a rebase
occurs, meaning that holders will automatically receive more
tokens in their wallets. If at 20:00 UTC the price of Rise is 5%
below peg for 3 consecutive days, then a supply adjustment
occurs. This reduces the number of tokens in your wallet, but
increases their value. Your total wallet value will be the same
after a supply adjustment.

Powerful deflationary mechanisms are in place to maintain the
value of Rise to peg with the introduction of a Supermassive
Black Hole. This is a viewable burn address that grows in size
over time through dedicated burns from each transaction and
frictionless yield. The Supermassive Black Hole also scales with
rebases. 1% of each sell is sent to the Supermassive Black
Hole. As the Hole grows larger, the deflationary effects also
grow larger, creating a feedback loop that exponentially scales
the deflationary effect over time.

Just by owning Rise tokens, you will receive rewards directly
into your wallet. Effortless and frictionless yield aggregation
automatically sends a percentage of every transaction to all
Rise holders. No gas is used, and your wallet balance will
automatically increase after each and every transaction.

Automatic distribution of rewards for liquidity providers. A
percentage of each sell will be sent to the contract, and
automatically distributed to all liquidity providers. There is no
need to stake your LP tokens. Simply hold the Uniswap LP
tokens in your wallet to receive the rewards. The automatic
distribution will be triggered once the contract accrues 100 Rise
tokens. This distribution will be tagged unto the next transaction.
The sender of this transaction will automatically be
over-compensated in Rise tokens for the additional gas cost.


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