Rift of Magic NFT

Rift of Magic NFT

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
The first season features a collection of 666 unique magical beings that get their power from the Rift source itself.
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About Rift of Magic NFT

"We Are The Children of The Rift"

Get yours to become a Genesis Rifter and let's build the RiftVerse together.

They Come To Serve.

Introducing the Rift Minions

Some Rift Witches are accompanied by loyal magical companions whose purpose is to harvest ¤RiftCrystal¤ for their owner.

Genesis Rifters will be able to recruit more of them to increase their ¤RiftCrystal¤ harvesting potential.

Rift of Magic NFT Roadmap

  • Season 1

  • Opening The Rift
    Getting ready for the RiftVerse
    With the community on Discord, Twitter & Reddit let's construct the Rift MetaVerse

    The Rifters
    Whitelist spots are given to the most valuable members of our community: The Rifters

    Rift Witches incoming for minting
    The first collection of Magical NFT Witches will be released and sold to the Rifters

    Low supply for an engaged community
    The Genesis collection will count 666 Rift Witches.
  • Season 2

  • ¤RiftCrystal¤
    The ¤RiftCrystal¤ will be created and will serve the Economy and the Governance of the Rift.

    Governance with the holders
    With ¤RiftCrystal¤, Rifters have a governance token that allows them to vote on project decisions.

    Token Yield
    Every Genesis yield 66 ¤RiftCrystal¤ a day. Each RiftAnion give a yield bonuses.
  • Season 3

  • Your NFT = Your playable character
    The 3D modeling of every NFT and related items.

    RiftVerse Launcher
    Meet your magical being in 3D by connecting with your wallet to the RiftVerse launcher.

    Opportunities of the Open World
    Socialize with the other Genesis Rifters in The RiftVerse. An open world for countless opportunities.
  • Season 4

  • Welcome Genesis holder, to your new home
    Explore the Open World with your magical being & meet the others. Prepare yourselves for the upcoming games.

    First Game of the Nexus
    The Rifters vote on the first game to be released.

    Teaser - Trailer - Gameplay
    You are the first settlers, but we plan on releasing the RiftVerse to a wider population.
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  • Season 5

  • Rifter's First Game
    The first P2E game is accessible from the RiftVerse's Nexus. Earn ¤RiftCrystal¤ by playing.

    Exclusive Marketplace
    ¤RiftCrystal¤ lets you buy and sell assets in the RiftVerse Marketplace.

    The right to become a Rifter
    As the RiftVerse expands its borders, Rifters will vote on immigration legislation.


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