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RePayCoin - You Hold, We Pay
It's Mintable Crypto Asset. We are Going to Change Your Future.
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About RePayCoin

What is The RePayCoin?

RepayCoin (RPC) is a Polygon blockchain crypto assets that is created to reward users who are holding of RPC Coin into their wallet. RePayCoin aim to provide our holder passive income, for living their life as Millionaires. Your money is safe with you because there is no staking, You own and control your tokens at all times.  



10% of Token used for free distribution to users as gifted reward, for a become member of our early community.

Our team

Our team owns the other 10% of tokens, which might be sold in the future to promote the necessary activities.

Fair Sale

10% of Token used for Fair sale before listing RePayCoin.

Liquidity & Rewards

5% of Token used for Liquidity and 30% used for coin holder rewards. Remain coin plan for Burning.

RePayCoin Roadmap

  • Q2 2022

    Our Team to Plan Introduce some unique crypto assets for users. Work Hard and Plan to build team and Concept.
  • Q3 2022

    Smart Contract Deploy Website Developing Coin FairSale Coin Listing at QuickSwap CMC Listing Burning 50% Supply Phase 1/4
  • Q4 2022

    Supply Burning Phase 2/4 Listing at Some Major Exchanges
  • Q1 2023

    Burn Phase 3/4 Developing Mobile Wallet Some Big Announcement.

RePayCoin Last News

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