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Rarify’s mission is to accelerate business innovations by removing the technical barriers to entry for non-fungible token (NFT) technology. Their API enables the creation, management, and scaling of blockchain-agnostic NFT products with a simple integration.
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About Rarify

Rarify’s mission is to significantly lower the barrier to entry for NFT technology and enable platforms to participate in an explosive economy. It could be gaming companies introducing NFT-based assets, marketplaces expanding into supporting digital assets, or consumer companies launching NFT collectibles, NFTs represent a ripe field of opportunity across an expanding number of industries.

Building an NFT-compatible platform is quite difficult for a few reasons: supporting blockchain protocols requires specialized technical expertise, different blockchains lack interoperability and come with platform-specific economies, and companies lack familiarity with these standards. Plus, for end-users, applications directly built on blockchains can be difficult to use, which reduces adoptions.

To enable gaming, marketplaces, and other innovative platforms to quickly and scalably ship NFT products, Rarify offers the API-based platform that functions as the bridge between the application layer and blockchains using a single, developer-friendly integration interface.



Rarify is an API platform that enables businesses to build NFT products with a simple developer and user experience. This is achieved through several core components of the product:

Sidechain as a service

Sidechains are very effective at general computation, and all EVM contracts can be ported directly to run on the sidechain, enabling ETH-like interoperability between contracts on each sidechain, as well as application-level logic. This makes them a common choice for NFT scaling, as applications can migrate with low overheads and development time.

With Rarify NFTs are deposited and locked in a sidechain smart contract. Removing needs to buy Ethereum or any other token to perform basic operations.

Rarify is a token-free infrastructure, which means External token price volatilities or speculations won’t negatively affect application economies. There is 0 gas fee for NFT management.

NFT Management API

Every interaction, from minting to trading to transferring, is as simple as an API call. Eliminating low-level interactions.

Marketplace API + UI

Rarify provides full API service for marketplace implementation as a service and offers UI as a reference implementation that can be customized by third parties.

  • Crypto abstraction — as an option to have the best user experience.
  • Shared liquidity — Rarify provides a shared global order book to facilitate liquidity. Meaning that orders created on one marketplace can be filled on another, enabling network arbitraging and price discovery.

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