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About Probinex

Who is Probinex? Probinex's goal is to spearhead the adoption of cryptocurrencies in mainstream finance. It is a fintech project introducing various cryptocurrency-based products for both retail traders and large institutions like a unique exchange ready for regulated world, compliant investment platform utilizing cryptocurrencies and its own utilization token. It aims to simplify market access and offer investment platforms compliant with regulations thanks to international financial licenses.

The challenges Probinex solves In 2020 the DeFi boom shook the cryptosphere and led to a strong bull run. Nevertheless, the DeFi platforms have their own set of issues, mainly security, trustworthiness, and long-term usability, or lack thereof. Probinex aims to offer access to cryptocurrencies in a centralized and regulated environment, so large institutions and retail traders alike can safely and legally partake in them. In a world where many exchanges face legal hurdles, a project ready for the regulated world offers security and reliability.

Probinex Exchange: innovative approach to market and derivatives The cornerstone of the Probinex project is the Probinex Exchange, allowing users to easily trade cryptocurrencies and other assets. It merges all the markets by tokenizing forex, stocks, commodities, and other derivatives. Currently, cryptocurrency futures need funding rates. This is ineffective because hedging and arbitrage aren’t available. Probinex solves this by funnelling liquidity from all the markets into one pool. This will allow the largest institutions to step in, leading to mass adoption because the rest of the world will follow.

Earnio: safe and easy earning Earnio will be the first investment platform utilizing cryptocurrencies, aimed at large institutions and regular clients alike. It will provide everyone with the same effective tools to grow their deposits, based on the size of their investment or staked PBX. The revenue to be distributed among clients is generated by semi-to-fully-automated trading strategies, continuously developed since 2018 and providing stable returns of around 4% per month. Earnio will launch in 2022.

Probinex as a company An international company, Probinex has presence in the Czech Republic, Dubai, and Cyprus. Probinex’s ICO alternative, token sale, raised 17.5M USD for further development and implementation of the company’s vision. Compared to the rest of the cryptosphere, Probinex counts among large and ambitious projects: Its workforce consists of 20 employees and 25 freelancers and advisors.

PBX token and its benefits The PBX token was created to connect and fuel the Probinex ecosystem. Its holders will receive various benefits including: · Lower exchange fees · Higher share of Earnio’s returns · Access to VIP events, both in-person and online · Airdrops of partner projects’ tokens One billion PBX tokens were issued and the tokenomy dictates 50% will be gradually burned by purchasing tokens equal to 20% of the Exchange’s revenues each quarter and sending them to a burn address. More information is available in the whitepaper and deck presentation. Questions can also be asked in the official Telegram group where team members regularly engage in discussion.


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