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Fast, Easy, and Secure Payments on the NEO Blockchain. People who work in “High Risk” businesses are often discriminated against. Prestige Networx enables these businesses to process payments in a fast, easy, and secure way.
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Aug 27, 2018
Dec 31, 2018
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About Prestige Networx

Prestige Networx is developing a decentralized payment processing platform on the NEO Blockchain, which will use our utility token to reduce the cost and barriers to entry that many “High Risk” merchants face. Prestige believes that the blockchain and cryptocurrency offer a distinct advantage to the merchants and performers in the adult industry over the centralized system currently used by banking and credit card companies. Where it is legal and consensual, no defensible reason exists to discriminate against the industry or the workers within the industry. While we aim to support the adult industry as well as several others deemed high risk, we will not provide support to illegal activities such as sex trafficking, underage, or non-consensual sexual behavior or similarly related activities. As we’ve stated, the adult industry is not our sole focus, but the industry offers an excellent initial use case for our tokens.

The Prestige Networx will offer a payment platform for merchants, artists, performers, and independent contractors in industries that the banks and credit card companies classify as “high-risk” merchants. For the merchants, we will offer a substantially lower transaction cost, a faster method to enroll, and the guarantee that their service will not be revoked and they will benefit for the first time from a realtime payment system. Our unique and comprehensive understanding of the industry’s various pain points enables us to offer a solution critical to solving these issues.


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Jeremy Ross
Director of Sales & Marketing
Tom Bowen
Director of Finance
Kevin Gamble
Director of People Activities
Joel Garcia
Blockchain Expert
Jack D. Leach
Director of Project Management
Brenton Bowen
Director of Project Management
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