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POLITOKEN is an ICO Ethereum token that give rights of PoliDataCompressor international copyright for holders.
August, 2019
Aug, 2019
Aug, 2019
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About PoliToken

Our story

In July 3, 2018 was protocoled in United States Copyright Office the first invention that possibilite efficiently compress data for blockchain.

Our vision

We believe can reduce energy costs, saving data traffic between miners and requesters, decreasing the sizes of blocks, turning the blockchain more efficient.


It's easily to understand and quickly to use. 


PoliToken Roadmap

  • First Quarterly, 2018

  • PoliDataCompressor concept created
  • Second Quarterly, 2018

  • PoliDataCompressor homologated and international copyright requested
  • Third Quarterly, 2018

  • PoliDataCompressor launches website, tutorials and social media
  • First Quarterly, 2019

  • PoliToken concept created
  • Read More
  • Second Quarterly, 2019

  • PoliToken public sale
  • Third Quarterly, 2019

  • PoliDataCompressor start marketing campaign and license sales


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PoliToken Team

Verified 100%

Marcus Poli
Founder and president
Renato Teixeira
Vice president and voluntary

PoliToken Interviews

Marcus Poli
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am the copyright author, founder and current president. I intend to make history transforming PoliDataCompressor project in an important project to the future of blockchains. like investor, turn this project in an ICO is an opportunity to get power for it, because investors want get winnings and it challenge me to do my best and charge from my team better outcomes.
What do you think about idea?
As a matter of fact, I believe PoliToken is the first ICO to share an international copyright. This is revolutionary. There is no project, that I know, today, that offer winnings in ETH coin, percentual property of copyright that can be greater than sevent years and has valid in over two hundred countries. This is PoliToken making history and that's just the beginning.
Renato Teixeira
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am the first investor and I'm proud to have been a great influencer of the Polidatacompressor once January, 2018 until now.
When I was invite to be vice president, I was very happy, because this position help take important decisions and give me a position to influence new opportunities of sales and about development not explored yet. I intend to help our clients to implement compress algorithms on most projects that they can be use it.
It is a challenging but achievable mission.
Launching ICO brings us the opportunity for growth through commercialization. our Token will raising more funds to improve and disseminate the methodology with more
dissemination in the media through marketing campaigns.
The launch of the PoliToken ICO will enable significant gains for investors.
Our project is an unusual form and new of exploitation of copyright.
The gains from the use of Polidatacompressor will be quite significant, providing a significant appreciation of the token as the project becomes used in Blockchain projects.
What do you think about idea?
Project creation using blockchain technology is growing by the day. And I believe everyone thinks about storage savings, energy savings and therefore financial savings.
Our project is revolutionary. We have achieved through compacting methods, saving storage space, and consequently storage, energy and financial savings. With this we can collaborate with the environment.
A very important gain is also in the traffic of information on the world wide web, since with the compression, we traffic less information optimizing the records of contracts in Blockchain.
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