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For the first time in history we as creators have the ability to break free of big corporations and forge our own paths. Cryptocurrencies have given creators the ability to explore the possibilities of content control. Though it maybe in its infancy, misused and abused, cryptocurrency can be the change our industry needs but only if we can set our greed aside and educate the masses on the endless potential of cryptocurrency.
Nov, 2018
Dec, 2018
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About Polireum

Polireum is the first recorded label backed by cryptocurrency. We seek to help musicians and their fans benefit from this new source of income. 

Polireum is introducing a new concept to the Music Industry, the Crypto Music Royalty. Much like the traditional royalty in the music industry, the Crypto Music Royalty is a process by which a single or an album generates a royalty that is paid in cryptocurrency.

We are also introducing the Polireum Music Credits. These credits are primarily used in the Polireum eco-system as away to invest in new music, used to upload music to Polireum Stream as well as Polireum Network.

With this new system musicians receive two royalties one in the traditional way and the other using cryptocurrency.


It is an exclusive members only social network, designed  to help Industry Professionals, DJ's and Radio Program Directors find new and undiscovered music talent from around the World.

Polireum uses state of the art technology to match their profiles to artist music submissions.


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