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Internet By The People, For The People
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About PKT

PKT is a fully decentralized layer-1 protocol. It is designed to transmit high speed data around the world and enable internet access without relying on traditional monopolistic ISPs.

The PKT Network is operated entirely by the people who participate. There is no central company, no investors and no pre-mine. PKT technology lowers the barriers of entry into the world of internet service. With PKT, everyone has the economic incentive to provide internet to their neighborhood as an Edge Point, or administer technical online services as a Cloud ISP.

Build The Future Of Networking

The PKT ecosystem aims to solve the problem of internet access monopolization from ISPs by enabling people "instant business" opportunities to support and scale the PKT Network worldwide.

20% of every mined block is paid to the Network Steward, which is a democratically elected wallet address that provides grants towards technology and infrastructure development.

  Mesh Networking

The PKT Network will enable completely private and secure access to the Internet without using a traditional ISP.

Monetize Your Internet

You can now monetize you Internet bandwidth that you already pay for and help power the PKT Network.

Building On Cjdns

PKT is the continuation of the open source cjdns mesh networking project, which enables anyone to get an IP address without a central issuer.

  Mine Turn Bandwidth Into Income

PKT uses PacketCrypt, the world’s first bandwidth-hard proof of work. You can earn PKT Cash (PKT) when you connect your home or office internet to the PKT Network.

PKT uses two types of mining: announcement mining, which anyone can do with a CPU-based device, and block mining, which requires robust infrastructure and networking experience.

  Earn PKT

PKT is a mined coin, not a token, minted every 60 seconds from persistent internet connectivity using the PacketCrypt proof of work.


Mining requires bandwidth and encryptions, which is generated by PacketCrypt and are useful to power the PKT Network.

People Powered

Miners are financially incentivized to set up, operate and maintain PKT’s global, high speed data infrastructure.

  Utility Low Cost, Fast, Mesh Networking

PKT is an open source project focused on decentralizing access to the internet and helping the next 1 billion people get online.

The PKT Network is growing to become the fastest, global internet service provider (ISP), powered by the people, instead of paying a traditional ISP for internet access.

  Business Use Cases

Non-discriminatory so anyone can start a business in the PKT ecosystem without permission.

De-Monopolizing Access

People become infrastructure providers without requiring any technical or administrative capabilities.

Cloud ISPs

Technical network operators pay infrastructure providers in PKT Cash for access to their hardware and bandwidth for mesh networking.


PKT is an open source project that leverages cjdns mesh networking technology. Both PKT and cjdns are created by PKT lead developer Caleb James DeLisle.

PKT Cash

As a fork of Bitcoin, PKT replaces Bitcoin's SHA256 with PacketCrypt, the world's first bandwidth-hard proof of work, designed to support a decentralized bandwidth market and micro-transactions with zero gas fees.


PacketCrypt is a "useful work" since the bandwidth and encryption is the same used in VPN, which in turn powers the PKT Network.


PKT supports a new token standard protocol called TokenStrike, for nearly-free token and NFT issuance and zero gas fees for exchange in a trustless Lightning Network HTLC transaction. Launching 2022.


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