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Created using Figma
A fundamental gap in technology has finally been solved on the Ethereum Blockchain as reliable scheduling of smart contracts has become a reality. DApp City announced the successful launch of Ping Chain ( to provide Smart Contract Execution as a Service. Ping Chain offers blockchain developers a variety of events that can be monitored and used as triggers for remote execution. The core event type - time intervals - is live today on the Ethereum main net and Ropsten test net. The time interval event type allows developers to execute their smart contracts code on a regular interval, such as every minute or every day.
Feb, 2018
Mar, 2018
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About Ping Chain

Contract Triggers
Trigger your contract based on time, events on the blockchain, or when a particular block is mined.

Event Monitoring
Watch the blockchain for events and trigger off-chain workflows such as emails or webhooks.

Multi-chain Support
Manage your contract triggers across Ethereum today, and in the future, other smart-contract platforms.

Ping Chain Roadmap

  • Time-Based Triggers - LIVE ON ROPSTEN

  • Ping Chain is fully functional and usable on the Ropsten Test Network!
  • Time-Based Triggers - LIVE ON MAI NET!

  • Ping Chain is fully functional and usable on the Main Ethereum Network!


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We believe that PingChain will become useful once the product becomes fully developed. Until then, we’ll have to manually execute our smart contracts so that it follows our projects. Thus, it will interesting to see what Ping Chain does for the market in the future.

Smart Contract Utilization: Ping Chain aims to help users control their smart contracts and execute them based on their preferences and the demand for their project.
Developer Incentive: Ping Chain gives developers the ability to gain more Ping Coins when new investors buy from their ambassador link.

Token Utilization: The Whitepaper tells us what the token is used for, but we don’t have that much information as to when the token sale begins.
Short Whitepaper: The whitepaper is only a few pages long and is poorly designed. While you can understand their purpose, the design might turn off potential investors.

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Ping Chain's triggers could be very useful to a niche audience of Ethereum enthusiasts, and this powerful technology has the potential to be used very creatively. It's hard to imagine the public embracing Ping Chain's products, but it has great potential for business-to-business transactions.

Investors curious about the PNG Token should wait for more information about its listing on public exchanges, and observe the popularity of the Ping Chain platform.

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