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Blockchain + pig raising" traceability system
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About PIGX

"Blockchain + pig raising" traceability system

PIGX adopts: “blockchain+” traceability system, which mainly records the full-cycle data chain of live pig products through blockchain technology, and protects and validates the data through encryption algorithm to solve the last mile of food safety. To enhance the brand value of the pigs. The pigs entered the slaughterhouse with the only "ID ID card" and were cut into 68 pieces of different sizes, each marked with its own weight and location. The data of these products were stored in the black pig company, government regulatory department, slaughterhouse. In the nodes of the wholesale market and supermarkets, if you want to change the data of a certain node, you must pass the consent of all other nodes (the right), everyone can change it together, or you hire a hacker, while blackening all the nodes, while tampering All the data, of course, is extremely difficult. At least those bad vendors who sell fakes do not have this technology and strength. So the possibility of data fraud is ruled out..


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