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PIC-TRADE is your profit-making tool!Everything in our life comes in its own time. You just have to learn to wait!
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About Pic-trade

PIC-TRADE is a team formed over several years among successful entrepreneurs, leaders of the network industry and simply purposeful interesting extraordinary people from different corners of the earth who achieve their goals, reaching new peaks and levels of the life stage. For a long time we have been forming into a large group of like-minded people, and today we can be called a modern, actively developing community built on the principles of mutual support, trust and assistance to each other. Our team is international and multifaceted, we give opportunities to develop to every member of the community who was able to provide us with a sufficient number of arguments to launch his business model, and the idea is really worth the attention, effort, costs, so that by implementing it, it could benefit all members of the community. Today we have chosen for ourselves a number of areas in the field of trade in the distribution market with liquid positions, part of the trade is in the field of e-commerce, real estate, restaurant business, tourism, and we are considering other promising areas in which we actively invest both personal funds and the money of our participants to implement these areas, and get even more profit for each of us. The community does not need to attract new investments, but it can give you the opportunity to realize the dreams, goals and plans that you have in your head as a co-founder (having a share of the business) of your business by means of investing in it. PIC-TRADE is an international community that unites people for the purpose of mutual financing and achieving financial results, improving the financial situation of each participant. Today we set goals for ourselves in the implementation of global community projects to increase profits, and expand personal business, and help our participants under your management, as a competent and qualified professional in their field. For us, this is a great responsibility to the members of our community, but we believe that by choosing the path of support and assistance to each other, we will be able to make the environment even happier and more grateful to us. In the PIC-TRADE community, you invest money in the proposed directions that we acquire and put into operation before your eyes. The scheme of cooperation is built in such a way that during the year the assets of the community work only for you, and then they become our property. We are trying to increase the existing assets, and you can receive super profits, expressed in gifts and community promotions, also from the affiliate program. Of course, we want to please and encourage active members of our community, for this, separately from the partner program, we have developed a bonus program that includes a set of vital goals for each person, everyone who starts to move up the career ranks will be able to provide themselves with everything necessary for life.


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