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Our project comes with a solution for your daily routine. Think that when you make a call, talk to someone through messaging apps, watch videos, movies, or even play games, it would become something profitable
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Aug 23, 2022
Aug 26, 2022
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About Phone2Earn

There is a new man’s best friend in modern times: smartphones. People spend more time using their devices than going to the gym, playing sports or meeting their friends and family.

Currently, the average number of hours that a human being spend using their phone is 5.5 hours a day, but I bet your average is much higher. Do you agree?! Conventional means of work and relationships have been replaced by how much it’s easier to be on our cellphones, people work on their cellphones, keep in touch with friends and relatives, have fun through them, watch movies, listen to music, no matter what you want to do, your phone is always the best option to get what you want.

The main goal of our project is to make you earn while doing everything you would normally do on a daily basis using your cellphone. The real revolution is turning something that is literally in the palm of your hands most of the time into something profitable.

Our app will be available for download, and once installed you can connect your wallet with your Phone tokens and then, every second of use and your cellphone screen is on, will be counted towards your income.

With the app that our team has been developing for PHONE2EARN and integration with the virtual reality (VR) glasses, connecting to Metaverse will be an unparalleled experience, there is no need to establish social distance. You can go on with your daily activities, and the routine use of your phone or tablet and be rewarded for using them, which is already part of your daily basis.


- The integrated ecosystem is designed to turn everyday usage into a way of earning, creating a growing economy that drives the value of Phone2Earn tokens.

- Through blockchain, investors have complete freedom to see all transactions that are carried out within the project, as well as the money is used in the case of marketing, among others, this is one of the main advantages within the project, the transparency. All transactions are properly authenticated and reconcilable. However, using cryptocurrencies can be a challenge for new users.
- Therefore, our goal is to optimize the user experience of using our app in order to obtain high usability and a pleasant experience.

About our Sustainability
- Our project-integrated ecosystem is built with a strategic proposal for the long-term survival and profitability of our project.

About the scalability level
- The integrated ecosystem will be a large-scale enterprise. All projects with scalability potential will be an important consideration because it will be accessible to a worldwide user base.

About Metaverse
- Phone2Earn will be an open world metaverse where users can explore, play, interact with each other.

NFT Marketpalce
- Users can list, buy and sell their NFTs on the Marketplace. A percentage of all NFT sales on the market are converted to sustainability earnings of the earnings system, in the future users will be able to create their own NFTs and trade with the world.

Phone2Earn Roadmap

  • STEP 1

  • - Website
    - Social Media
    - Markenting expansive
    - Whitepaper
    - KYC
    - Audit
    - Community Growth
  • STEP 2

  • - Launch PHONE2EARN Token (Liquidity Locked for 120 months)
    - Published News about project in MarketWatch, Digital Journal, and more
    - Daily Media Publicaon
    - Coingecko & CoinMarketCap Fast Track Listing
    - NFT Plataform Metaverse
    - App Web3 in Testnet
    - Trust Wallet and Metamask Logo
    - BSC Scan Update Social Medias and Logo
  • STEP 3

  • - Increased marketing campaign,
    - Billboards in several countries
    - Partnerships with companies with streaming system, games, gift card, credit card, to bring more benefits to investors.
    - App web3 Mainnet online
    - Staking Platform
    - Launch of the creation, posting, and selling system on the NFT Marketplace
    - Website update to version 2.0
  • STEP 4

  • - Bridge with the ETH network And Much More
    - Stay Alert

Phone2Earn Last News

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