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Phoenix ICO Internet-based content business such as video games, social community, entertainment has grown on a huge scale. However, the current risk of transparency and lack of disclosure, loss of user assets, transaction risks, and high brokerage fees may reduce the user's motivation and immersion level. As a result, today's content providers need to strengthen their efforts to secure faithful users. A content provider may want to implement block chain technology, but it is a heavy burden for many companies to find application of new technologies and to enter young markets. Unfortunately, the present state of current development support and the risk reduction of block chain related projects are still inadequate.
Sep 29, 2018
Oct 20, 2018
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Internet-based content businesses like video game, social communities and entertainment have grown on an immense scale. But a lack of transparency and disclosure, the ever-present risk of user asset loss, transaction risk, and the high brokerage costs may reduce user motivation and immersion levels. As such, content providers today are required to increase their efforts to secure loyal users. While some content providers may want to implement blockchain technology, many find the application of new technology and entering into a young market to be a heavy burden. Unfortunately, the current state of developmental support and mitigating risks for blockchain-related projects are still lacking. The PHOENIX Platform ecosystem is a solution designed to resolve these issues. The PHOENIX Platform design consists of an internal blockchain (PHOENIX Chain) and the Ethereum public blockchain linked together. It aims to provide the high transaction throughput and expandability required for commercial content application services. PHOENIX Chain is designed with a modular architecture, and the modular design allows each application on the platform to enjoy independent service environments. Tokens for internal circulation (PHOENIX Points) within the ecosystem exist within the PHOENIX Chain, and are linked to ERC-20 tokens (PHOENIX Tokens). Through this structure, user assets are protected, and the transfer process to PHOENIX Tokens and execution is ensured. As a result, user assets are no longer in a structure that is dependent on existing content providers, but rather exist with the user and ecosystem. Content providers do not need to separately develop new blockchains, and can participate in the decentralized ecosystem using the web interface and API provided by the PHOENIX Platform. The PHOENIX Platform ecosystem will also consist of the PHOENIX Point Incentive Program, which aims to benefit all ecosystem participants and is operated based on smart contracts. Blockchainbased promotion campaigns and rewards programs can be applied to radically improve user retention, ultimately resulting in an increased service Lifetime Value (LTV). The PHOENIX Ecosystem is designed so that all participants can contribute to the ecosystem and receive reasonable rewards, with voluntary and continuous user activity all driven by the token-based economic system and incentive mechanisms.


The PHOENIX Platform ecosystem will be verified through trial services, and the ecosystem participation scale will be extended with a focus on games. Thereafter, it will expand to a genrerelated business ecosystem that includes game communities, game advertisements and marketing agencies. It will also expand to nonvideo game genres with similar business structures. Token economic systems and incentive mechanisms that are internal to the ecosystem will be added to cope with this expansion. The following are some examples of content businesses that can be developed using the PHOENIX Platform ecosystem.


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